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  • Padel Racket BULLPADEL Vertex 03 W 2021
  • Padel Racket BULLPADEL Vertex 03 W 2021
  • Padel Racket BULLPADEL Vertex 03 W 2021

Padel Racket BULLPADEL Vertex 03 W 2021

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Your padel racket :

The new Bullpadel Vertex 03W racket is a superb racket for women who wish to progress in their game. Its diamond shape allows you to acquire greater power on your attack shots. Light and easy to handle, it will also be a real asset in defense. With a rough Topspin surface, the Vertex 03W will bring you more spin. No more arm injuries! To absorb vibrations, this racket is equipped with the VibraDrive system. One of the most popular women's racquets on the WPT circuit.

Who is the ideal player for this racket ?

The Bullpadel Vertex 03W is intended for players of intermediate or advanced levels. Powerful, precise, easy to handle as well as very pleasant to play, this racket will be suitable for all types of players. Do not hesitate, it is made for you!

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Foam / core composition :

The "MultiEva" foam, new in 2020 which constitutes the heart of this racket is a new association of 2 layers of different densities. The outer layer is a more compact rubber that reacts better against fast balls for better power. The softer inner layer allows for better control of slower balls.

Surface coating: The Vertex 03W racket has a "Fibrix" coating. This mixture of fiberglass and carbon allows great versatility.

Additional technologies :

Vibradrive System - Implantation of a super elastic rubber in the center of the handle which absorbs most of the vibrations, especially when the blow is off-center.

Carbonetube - Racket profile construction in 100% bi-directional interlaced carbon. This construction gives the racket an optimal mechanical response while guaranteeing a perfect compromise between power and control.

Sticker - This ultra light flexible protector adheres perfectly to the frame of the racket, resistant to knocks and abrasion.

Important features :

Weight: 350-365 grams

Size: 38mm

Weight Distribution: High

Shape: Diamond

Surface coating: Fybrix HybridFiber

Foam: MultiEva

Protector: Sticker

Level: Advanced to professional

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