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Racchetta Nox ML10 Pro Cup - Padel Reference
Racchetta Nox ML10 Pro Cup - Padel Reference
Racchetta Nox ML10 Pro Cup - Padel Reference
Racchetta Nox ML10 Pro Cup - Padel Reference
Racchetta Nox ML10 Pro Cup - Padel Reference
Racchetta Nox ML10 Pro Cup - Padel Reference
Racchetta Nox ML10 Pro Cup - Padel Reference
Racchetta Nox ML10 Pro Cup - Padel Reference

Racchetta Nox ML10 Pro Cup Coorp 2022

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La tua racchetta ML10 Pro Cup

La racchetta ML10 Luxury Pro Cup è un classico di Nox. È la prima racchetta sviluppata da Miguel Lamperti nel 2018. È la racchetta Nox più venduta nel mondo del padel. È una racchetta top di gamma per i suoi materiali, le sue finiture e le sue tecnologie. Si distingue per il comfort senza pari, il dinamismo e il controllo e la padronanza che apporta. 

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This round padel racket, with a low balance, is composed of a carbon frame which brings more rigidity and robustness to the frame and to the racket in general. The surfaces of the ML10 Pro Cup padel racket are made of fiberglass and give a more dynamic touch thanks to a trampoline effect that brings liveliness to your shots. Using a fiberglass racquet also provides better comfort.

The core of the racket is made of HR3 core technology, it is a memory gum which accelerates its recovery of form, giving the racket greater punching power. 

The big novelty this year at Nox comes from the replaceable Smartstrap strap system integrated into the racquet. It improves hygiene and safety without losing the warranty of the racket. 

Thanks to the Dynamic Composit Structure technology which improves the bonding of materials, the racket is much less fragile and therefore more durable over time.

The AVS anti-vibration system absorbs the maximum amount of vibrations caused by off-center hits and transmitted to the players' arms. This therefore greatly reduces the risk of injury. 

Finally, the ML10 Pro Cup racket has the “Testea Padel” certification which confirms the durability and quality of the racket. Indeed the racket has passed a series of laboratory tests to be sure that the frame, the faces and the frame are resistant.

Who is the ideal player for the ML10 Pro Cup?

The ML10 Pro Cup Padel racket is suitable for intermediate or even professional level players. It is designed for any type of game thanks to its versatility. It is a racquet that has a lot of dynamism despite its round shape. It is designed for players who like to handle the ball from the baseline and vary the intensity of each stroke. This racket will allow you to build the point as you wish and finish at the net thanks to its power.  

Design Nox ML10 Pro Cup

The racket has the same design as last year. It retains its elegance with a logo in golden gradient. Some changes to the bridge of the racket, which gives it more resistance and comfort. 

Do not hesitate to consult the different models of the Nox brand. Padel players will certainly be interested in the women's version of this racquet: the Nox ML10 Pro Cup Silver.

Nox: The 100% Spanish padel brand

The famous Spanish brand, recognized all over the world, is renowned for its very high quality. Rackets are suitable for all player profiles. Nox managed to pull out of the game thanks to the sensations of playability and maneuverability which are very popular with many players.  

The coach's eye

The Nox ML10 Pro Cup is a legendary racquet. If you go for this product, you will never make a bad buy. She is extremely popular among Nox brand players. In my opinion, it is a manoeuvrable racquet that allows you to create differences in the defensive phases by varying the strokes as much as possible. Its round shape and dynamism also make it a counter racquet for climbing the net with maximum control. With this defensive base you can then deploy in attack to finish the point. In addition, if you are looking to perform par 3 on all your smashes, this is not necessarily the padel racket for you.   

Composizione schiuma/anima

La tecnologia HR3 CORE apporta un'ottima densità alla gomma EVA e una qualità di memoria di forma. Con la tecnologia HR3 CORE, la racchetta ML10 PRO CUP offre potenza e durata ottimali.

Rivestimento superficiale

La racchetta ML10 PRO CUP ha un rivestimento superficiale che utilizza la tecnologia dell'argento in fibra di vetro 3K. Questo tessuto in fibra di vetro permette una migliore potenza complessiva.

Caratteristiche importanti

Livello: Intermedio/Avanzato/Esperto

Peso: 360-375g

Larghezza: 38mm

Telaio: 100% carbonio

Schiuma: EVA HR3 CORE

Forma: Rotonda

Rivestimento superficiale: fibra di vetro argento 3K

Dettagli del prodotto

Scheda tecnica

Materiale di superficie
Fibra di vetro
Tipo di racchetta