Padel balls

Our padel balls are selected for their superior quality and consistent performance. Designed to meet the demands of players at all levels, they offer excellent durability and optimal behavior on all court surfaces, ensuring precise and dynamic play.

Number of ball boxes : 10 - 10
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What are the most famous padel ball brands?

In the world of padel, certain brands of balls stand out for their unrivaled quality and performance. Among the most famous brands, we find Head, Bullpadel, Dunlop, Babolat and Wilson. These brands have established their reputation through their continued commitment to innovation and product quality. Each offers a varied range of padel balls, suitable for different types of players and playing conditions. Whether for professionals or passionate amateurs, these brands offer a guarantee of reliability and durability, making them a choice favorite on padel courts around the world.

What are the characteristics of padel balls?

Padel balls are specially designed to meet the unique demands of this dynamic sport. They are generally made of rubber and covered with an outer layer of synthetic felt, guaranteeing good grip and a stable trajectory during exchanges. Key characteristics of padel balls include their internal pressure, which directly influences their bounce and liveliness on court. In addition, their weight and diameter are regulated according to official standards to ensure optimal playability. Padel balls are also known for their resistance to wear, making them reliable playing companions, even during prolonged sessions.

What are the differences between padel and tennis balls?

Although padel and tennis balls share some similarities in their basic design, they also have significant differences. First of all, padel balls are slightly smaller and less dense than tennis balls, which makes them more suitable for the reduced dimensions of the padel court. In addition, padel balls tend to bounce lower than tennis balls, which promotes faster and more controlled play. Finally, the composition of the felt used on the balls differs slightly between the two sports, with felt more resistant to abrasions for padel balls, due to the rough surfaces of the court and the glass walls. These nuances, although subtle, have a significant impact on the dynamics and style of play in each discipline.

Buy padel balls in batches

Buying padel balls in batches has many advantages for regular players and clubs. By opting to buy in bulk, players can usually benefit from substantial price reductions, saving money in the long run. In addition, having a stock of balls available guarantees continuity in practice, avoiding interruptions due to lack of material. For clubs and associations, bulk purchasing helps build a stable supply for members and competitions, while simplifying inventory management. By choosing reputable brands and purchasing in bulk, players and organizations can ensure they have high quality padel balls available at all times, maximizing their on-court experience.

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