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Welcome to, one of the leaders in specialized 100% padel online sales. Find your favorite padel brands at the best prices. Our online catalog offers a wide choice of padel clothing through various essential items such as padel t-shirts, padel shorts, or padel skirt and padel tank top for women. Our spring / summer and fall / winter collections will adapt to your current desires to keep a modern style every season. On our site, you will find models for both men and women and sizes ranging from XS to XXL suitable for all players. All models are available at the lowest prices. The official jerseys used by the players of the world padel tour are also available on Padel Reference.

A wide choice of clothing from the main padel brands, the new padel collections at unbeatable prices

At padelreference, we offer you all year round, with each new season, men's padel clothes and women's padel clothes from the latest collections of the main padel brands such as HEAD, BULLPADEL, NOX, BABOLAT, JOMA, ADIDAS… Among these collections of padel textiles, we take care to offer a wide choice of padel t-shirts, but also padel shorts, tank tops, padel skirts and many other models.

Whatever the season, Padel Reference offers you suitable clothing so that you are always in optimal conditions to give the best on the padel court. For connoisseurs, on our 100% padel site, you will find the official outfits of certain professional players of the world padel tour, such as the Paquito Navarro t-shirt or the Maxi Sanchez t-shirt. These quality padel outfits are offered at unbeatable prices. Do not hesitate to consult our site regularly, to find the new textile collections at low prices.

Quality padel textiles at the best price

Padel has been evolving for several years. The main padel brands have understood this well. They now offer high quality padel textiles, adapted to the specific practice of padel. Padel being a very dynamic sport, padel clothing requires very good technical quality to ensure the best playing conditions on the padel court but also to guarantee you an optimal lifespan and comfort even after dozens of uses.

The main padel brands such as Head Padel, Nox, Babolat Padel, Bullpadel manufacture quality padel textiles for demanding players looking for playing comfort. Clothing that is easy to wear, light, which ensures good mobility on the playing field. padel. These specific padel textiles must also be resistant to withstand the friction of the body during movements on the padel court.

You will therefore find at Padel Reference high quality technical padel textiles that meet the two main expectations of the padel player, namely: optimal playing comfort as well as very good resistance to wear. Clothing designed for the padel player that we offer at the best price on our 100% padel online site.

Technical padel textiles, breathable, quick-drying fabrics

The padel textile is distinguished by breathable fabrics. this is one of the main characteristics of padel clothing. A padel t-shirt or padel shorts designed with breathable technology and fabrics is an essential asset to optimize comfort and performance on the padel court. The main padel brands have therefore developed technical padel textiles with breathable materials that allow the skin to breathe and thus maintain a feeling of comfort throughout your padel matches.

In addition to breathability, the practice of padel requires to quickly eliminate perspiration when playing padel. Indeed to have maximum playing comfort during your matches or during your training and thus focus only on your game, nothing like a quick-drying padel textile to keep you dry as quickly as possible when you sweat. This is why the padel brands have worked on patented technologies as well as on synthetic fiber compositions such as polyester, polyamide or elastane which provide padel clothing with optimum lightness as well as very rapid elimination. sweating. Stay dry, keep light on the padel court to give the best of your potential.

In order to make the right choice when buying, on Padel Reference our team of padel experts would like to offer you a selection of the best padel textiles. To facilitate your choices, we also want to inform you about the composition of each of the textiles on our online site as well as the technologies used by the brands.

Colorful padel outfits with a neat design, classic outfits

Ah..Tastes and colors ...

At Padel Reference, we offer a wide selection of padel textiles to satisfy the greatest number of you.

Whether you prefer the flashy, fun, colorful side with a neat design or if your preference is for more classic padel textiles with a more sober color but just as effective, you will find what you are looking for on our specialized padel online site.

Indeed, the Bullpadel brand, official textile partner of the world padel tour, offers Bullpadel padel t-shirts in very summery colors reminiscent of Spain. Bullpadel is one of the brands with Head Padel, which makes the effort to offer matching complete outfits to ensure a modern, flashy, quality look. There is no doubt that with these complete outfits you will not go unnoticed and will make people envious. To distinguish yourself from your partners on the padel court, nothing better than a padel t-shirt and matching padel shorts in the same color tone.

For players looking for a sober style, Nox men's padel clothes and Babolat men's padel textiles will offer you more classic colors for a simple and effective style. Different models of Nox t-shirts or Babolat men's padel shorts are available on our website.

Find your size on, padel clothing Men, women and children

Among our selection of padel clothing, you will find complete outfits, many choices of textiles to dress you from head to toe. At Padel Reference the sizes of our padel clothes are in the spotlight, offering sizes ranging from XS to XXL. These different sizes will suit all measurements for men, women and children.

For men's padel clothing we offer t-shirts, padel shorts in sizes S, M, L, XL and even t-shirts in XXL sizes.

For the Men's collection, you will of course find a selection of many padel t-shirts on our site. Indispensable when playing, the short-sleeved padel t-shirt comes in a round or V neck. Usable in any season, it is the star garment of your wardrobe to have in several copies. Obviously the padel t-shirt goes naturally with the famous padel shorts, also present in several models on padelreference. An essential for moving on the padel court lightly and without friction. The padel shorts may or may not be fitted with tights for better support and better blood circulation. Find your best brands of padel for these two essentials of the men's textile wardrobe. Choose from our bullpadel men's T-shirts, Head padel shorts, head padel t-shirts, Joma t-shirts and many other padel items such as our padel jackets and padel overwear for the cooler days. Not to mention our padel socks and padel caps that will complete your padel outfit.


The women's padel is not left out on Padel Reference. We strongly believe in the growth of women's padel in France and support the women who launch it into padel. Padel brands also offer specific women's padel clothing. Colorful styles, neat with modern design in typical feminine clothes. Bullpadel tank tops and Bullpadel skirts in summer colors and fun and modern design land in the world of padel. These two essentials of the women's wardrobe will follow you everywhere and will not leave your partners and opponents indifferent. The Head brand also offers high quality Head padel skirts as well as padel tank tops for an aerial and summer style. For cooler days, women's padel jackets as well as padel leggings will protect you from the cold to keep you comfortable during your warm-ups. Discover all these female padel models at the best prices on our online site.

Regarding sizes, we offer sizes XS for young girls but also padel skirts and padel t-shirts in sizes S, M, L and XL for all body types.


Do not hesitate to consult our size guide which will be useful if you are not sure of your size.

You want to complete your padel equipment with quality textiles, you will inevitably find what you are looking for on our site.

Regular textile promotions throughout the year

Find our promotions on men's and women's textiles throughout the year. We take care to present you with regular low prices on the majority of padel clothing so that you take advantage of the best offers from your favorite brands.

Our promotions of -10%, -20%, -30% Up to -40% on certain Bullpadel head t-shirts or padel shorts. Our padel t-shirts and our padel shorts on sale are to be discovered all year round.

Your padel textile in fast delivery in France and abroad

Do not hesitate to order on, we make it a point of honor to deliver to you as soon as possible. We take care of your equipment to guarantee you satisfaction upon receipt. Whether you are in France or abroad, you will receive your order within 48 to 72 hours.