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What padel accessories to complete your equipment?

Padel Overgrips for extra grip

It is the padel equipment that has become essential for many players. The Padel overgrip brings a real plus to the game and is found on most padel rackets.

There is nothing more infuriating than dropping your racquet during a smash. It is not uncommon for the racquet to turn slightly in the hand during a heavy volley.

The Padel overgrip is there to avoid this kind of setback. A quality overgrip will prevent you from completely missing out when it comes to finishing the stitch. It provides extra thickness and grip that translates into greater control on the court.


On our site, find many models of overgrips in multiple and varied colors. Do not do like your partners and choose an overgrip color perfectly suited to your taste and your racquet.

How often do you change your padel overgrip?

The answer to this question is simple: when the grip of your Padel overgrip begins to decrease.


By dint of playing, perspiration and friction gradually reduce the grip of the overgrip. It is therefore necessary to change regularly to stay on top. The frequency will then depend on your padel addiction and your ability to sweat. For a regular player, in winter an overgrip can be kept for one or two months while in summer the change will be more frequent.

Overgrip colors to match your padel racket

You have purchased a magnificent padel racket. Don't ruin everything with an overgrip that doesn't match the colors of your racquet. To avoid errors of taste, Padel Reference offers many overgrips in different colors. White overgrip, black overgrip, stay sober and match any racket. Green overgrip, red overgrip, yellow overgrip etc ... Stand out and adapt your Padel overgrip to the colors of your Padel racket.

All brands and models of Overgrip on Padel Reference

On Padel Reference, find the brand of overgrip you prefer. Are you used to playing with a Head overgrip? No problem. Are you loyal to Nox overgrip? As you wish. Keep your habits and find the Padel accessories with which you have proven yourself.

Padel Grips

If you are not used to using overgrip (often because the extra thickness does not suit you), you will occasionally wear out your grip. As with the Padel overgrip, it will then become smoother and no longer allow you to stick to the racquet! Especially when the game is picking up speed! You have two choices:

Kindly ask your opponents to slow down the game or simply change grip.

Something tells us that the first option is not possible!


Do not hesitate, then, to come and consult our site to discover all our padel grips. They'll give you the grip you need to shine on the courts.

Padel sponge cuffs to improve your playing conditions

Do you sweat frequently and are you often embarrassed by sweating problems? Do you change Padel overgrip every week? You just want to stand out with your style. Padel cuffs are made for you. Do not wait any longer and get your favorite brand anti-perspirant cuffs and put the odds in your favor.

Grip, Overgrip, Under Grip, anti-vibrator, protection, Shockout a brand specializing in playing comfort

Padel Reference offers you the Shockout range of products. Shockout is a brand of padel accessories that thinks above all about improving your comfort and your playing experience. Do you want to avoid vibrations due to the impact between the ball and the racket? Opt for Shockout anti-vibrators. Do you want to use quality grips or overgrips? Shockout is here for you. Do not hesitate to consult their range of products on our site. We bet you will like it.

The Nox Gorilla towel: a winning innovation

Despite your best efforts, sweating often prevents you from fully controlling your strokes. In summer, the heat completely prevents you from playing properly padel. Opt for the Nox Gorilla Padel towel and significantly increase the grip of your racket grip. Cause and effect reaction, it also reduces stress on your body and avoids tension. Ultimately, it reduces the risk of injury.

This towel is used by Miguel Lamperti himself. You can trust him!

Padel news regularly available on the site

Find all the latest padel innovations and novelties at Padel Reference. We do everything we can to offer you the best brands of Padel in the world. Grip Nox, Overgrip Head or Grip Hesacore Bullpadel etc, you will find what you are looking for.

Under the tropical sun, a padel cap can always be used

You regularly play outdoors; often under a blazing sun? Discover all our models of Padel caps. Don't hesitate, there is something for everyone. Our Padel Nox caps and Padel Bullpadel caps are waiting for you. Treat yourself and play in style with a cap on your head!