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Adidas Metalbone HRD 3.3 2024 Racket

The new ADIDAS METALBONE HRD 3.3 padel racket has been specially designed for Ale Galán, the world number 1 in the WPT ranking. The Metalbone HRD 3.3 is an oversized diamond shaped padel racket. Equipped with a balanced racket head, it will bring you maximum power on each strike of the ball.

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Your Adidas Metalbone HRD 3.3 2024 padel racket

This high-end padel racket, made with irreproachable quality materials, is also defined by great durability thanks to several areas of reinforcement around the frame of the racket. Its "light" weight 345-360g counterbalances its distribution and thus provides maneuverability. It is a racket that remains very comfortable to play.

For this version of the Metalbonne 2024, the Adidas brand has opted for the HIGH MEMORY EVA foam. This rather stiff, high-quality foam with shape memory provides a combined sensation of power and precision when exiting the racket but also a certain control when the intensity on the ground increases.

On the surface, Metalbone HRD 3.3 consists of a "carbon aluminized 2 to 1" fiber. This ultra-resistant hybrid carbon fiber is neither too stiff nor too flexible. It gives the racket great power at impact without compromising playing comfort

At the level of the frame of the pala, the octagonal structure in 100% carbon, provides a surplus of power and not insignificant resistance.

For spin lovers, Adidas Padel uses two additional technologies (Spin Blade & Smart Holes Curves) exclusively designed to increase the spin of all rackets in the Metalbone and Adipower range.

The non-linear drilling pattern on the Metalbone HRD 3.3 sieve will allow better maneuverability to accentuate the effects in your shots. Coupled with the 3D Spin Blade relief, you will find here one of the most successful padel rackets in terms of spin on the market.

The advantage of the Metalbone range is undoubtedly the customizable "weight and balance system" technology. It allows you to add weights in predefined locations on the racket. For players who want to slightly modify the balance and the weight of the racket this is a real advantage.

Metalbone 3.3 Vs Metalbone HRD 3.3

To put it simply, and thus refine your choice, the difference between these two padel rackets is in the foam.

Metalbone HRD is made of a more rigid memory foam. This gives it good power but less playing comfort and greater precision than the Metalbone 2024.

Thus these two rackets with which Ale Galán will begin the year 2024, can be used in different playing conditions. When the game is fast, the Metalbone HRD will be more judicious for better control when exiting the racket. The opposite choice will be more obvious if the game is slower.

Who is the ideal player for this racket?

The Adidas METALBONE HRD 3.3 2024 is aimed at aggressive style padel players, from advanced to expert level who have good technique. Demanding padel racket, it requires good physical condition. Once well in hand, it will not disappoint you in terms of power and ball speed. Explosive on attack hits, it will make you a successful attacking player.

Comfortable on impact while remaining maneuverable thanks to its "light" weight, this quality racket, once tamed, will make you a danger to all your opponents.

Do not wait any longer, treat yourself to the racket of Ale Galán the world number 1 of the WPT circuit. It is available in our online store.

The coach's eye

With the Metalbone HRD 3.3 from Adidas, equip yourself with a padel racket geared towards power and aggressiveness. This model, with quality finishes and design, will accompany you for many months. All the technologies and materials used for this padel racket have been chosen with the aim of making it a real offensive weapon.

When trying out the racket, I was immediately surprised by his ball speed out of the racket. Especially during attack shots like volleys or smashes. The weight distribution at the head of the racket is felt from the first hits.

Lightweight, I was pleasantly surprised by its handling which allows better control when the rally accelerates. After a few minutes of adaptation, it becomes a real offensive weapon! Less comfortable than the Metalbone 2024, it is nevertheless more precise.

Padel racket to reserve for players of good technical level, who wish to increase their power and their aggressiveness in their game. Its denser foam gives it more precision. Rather, it is a racket to be used in fast playing conditions

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