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Babolat Racket Padel

For each type of player his padel racket Babolat

From the height of its tennis experience, Babolat is taking more and more place in the world Padel landscape. The quality of its padel rackets is well established and its success with padel players is proof of this.

This year, the Lyonnaise company, a 100% French brand, stands out for the readability of its collection. To offer the new babolat 2021 rackets, the brand distinguishes three different types of players and encourages you to:


“Play Padel as you are”


You will understand it, whatever your level or your style of play. Babolat inevitably has a racket for you.


At Padel Reference, we offer all Babolat rackets at low prices. Do not hesitate to consult our Babolat Padel racket page to find the entire Babolat 2021 collection. Your racket is waiting for you, you can order, we take care of everything.

Fast delivery at home or in relay point, payment 3 times free of charge , we put everything in place to make your life easier.

If you have any doubts about your choice, we are at your disposal to help you find the Babolat Padel racket that is right for you.

The three styles of play according to Babolat 2021

At Babolat Padel, each range is available in three styles of play. This is, in fact, the observation made by the brand. More than a style of play, it is ultimately what the player is looking for in his game that the brand is trying to better define with the new 2021 collection. The weight and shape of the racket vary to adapt to the three styles of main games in Padel:

The counter attacker

You are aware that your salvation depends on better mastery of the game. You favor total control. You defend your land at all costs to seize the opportunity to deal a fatal blow to your opponent. Babolat counter rackets are what you need. This model of hybrid padel rackets will allow you to minimize mistakes and focus on the tactical aspect. And we know, in Padel, the tactical aspect is essential.

Improve your game by enjoying safer, no-fault play. Disgust your opponents by taking advantage of a quality padel racket that will make you a fine tactician!

Do you recognize yourself? Then the Babolat Counter Vertuo 2021 Babolat Counter Veron 2021 and  Babolat Counter Viper 2021 padel rackets are waiting for you.

The air attacker

Speed ​​of execution, flexibility in strokes and playing comfort. This is what the Air model offers. Are you looking for fluidity in the exchanges, liveliness during your travels and the possibility of making a series of blows as quickly as possible? Babolat Air Padel rackets are made for you. They are available in three padel rackets for three different playing sensations.


These lightweight padel rackets will give you a lot if you are looking for a quick and lively game on the court. Fly on the court with these rackets perfectly designed to chain shots and stifle your opponent.

For this model your choice will be between the Babolat Air Viper 2021, the Babolat Air Veron 2021 and the Babolat Air Vertuo 2021.

The technical attacker

We are all looking for that little bit of extra power in the offensive phases. Who does not dream of finishing their points in par 3 kicked at the service square line? The Diamond-shaped Technical snowshoes are there to help you. They are designed to satisfy technical players who are not afraid to string together Vibojas and powerful smashes to conclude the points.


We see it on the WPT with players like Juan Lebron who are able to finish a point in any position. This powerful and technical racket will become a formidable weapon in your game. Aim for performance in the attacking game with this Diamond Padel Racket Depending on your level and your feelings, you can choose between the Babolat Technical Viper 2021, Babolat Technical Veron 2021, Babolat Technical Vertuo 2021.


Padel rackets with different sensations

The Viper babolat for the best

The Viper range of rackets is the flagship of the Babolat brand. The top of the range of the French brand is explosive power and an undeniable ability to dramatically accelerate the game when an opportunity presents itself. The exclusive use of Carbon on the surface of the racket is one of the main reasons. The other specificity of the Babolat Viper range is the use of X EVA foam. This foam combines two rigid layers and a flexible layer in the form of a sandwich. This technique offers increased power on fast shots and more comfort and forgiveness on slow shots.

This range is intended for advanced and expert players. The Babolat Technical Viper is none other than the racket of Juan Lebrón, number 2 in the WPT ranking.

3D spin technology completes this exceptional range to allow you to apply even more effect in your shots

A balanced range for players: the Babolat Veron

You want more dynamism in your game. You prefer to play with a more responsive racquet. The Babolat Veron range is made for you. To describe the three padel rackets in the range, Babolat speaks of dynamic power. These are powerful rackets with more flexibility to provide a more energetic racket output.

The use of Carbon flex technology on the surfaces and a Black Eva foam gives the racket this dynamic effect. Carbon Flex is the weaving of a hybrid material combining the explosive power of carbon fiber and the easy power of fiberglass. More flexibility for more fluidity. Among players, Bastien Blanqué is in charge of honoring the Babolat Technical Veron 2021. We recommend this range to players and players from confirmed to expert level.

The Vertuo range or easy power 

It is the exclusive use of fiberglass on the racquet surface that gives the Padel Vertuo range of racquets its dynamism. With each strike, enjoy a trampoline effect called “the easy power”. The ball returns effortlessly. 

The Babolat Vertuo range is recommended for intermediate players who are looking for more dynamism in each strike of the ball.

Babolat focuses on women with its padel rackets

As we know, the Padel appeals to women. It is therefore natural to see women's padel rackets in the brands' collections. The Babolat Revenge Woman 2021 Padel racket and the Babolat Defiance Woman 2021 are lighter and suitable for slower play. They will be perfectly suited to regular players of intermediate and advanced level.

Babolat innovates for more comfort

This year, THE GREAT INNOVATION is Vibrabsorb System technology for the Viper, Veron and Vertuo ranges. Babolat is increasingly interested in the well-being of Padel players. The rigidity of rackets causes some tension in the arms of some players. This discomfort can later lead to injury. The challenge is therefore to minimize vibrations in order to play in complete safety. The Vibrabsorn System technology consists of an elastomeric material incorporated into the racket to absorb maximum vibration.

Why choose a Babolat Padel racket

These are quality rackets, used by the best padel players in the world. They are perfectly designed to meet all styles and all levels of play.

Like most of the rackets we offer, we've tried them out. We validate!

If you are looking for 100% Padel racket brands, don't hesitate to consult brands like Bullpadel, NoxStarvie or Varlion.