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BABOLAT Air Veron 2023 Padel Racket

The Babolat Air Veron padel racket is above all a light and easy to handle racket. Equip yourself with a dynamic racquet capable of stringing shots with flexibility and speed! Let yourself be surprised by this exceptional padel racket with a lower than average weight.

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The surfaces of the Babolat Air Veron are made of Carbon Flex technology. This mix between fiberglass and carbon fiber brings the famous dynamic power described by Babolat. The flexibility of the carbon fiber gives liveliness and comfort to the racket while the carbon fiber provides strength and raw power.

The Hybrid Diamond shape of the Babolat Air Veron racket, with high balance, gives it increased power on smashes and volleys. In addition, thanks to a softer surface than the Babolat Air Viper, it will be easier for you to take advantage of the offensive qualities of this racket  Get all the power of carbon and the forgiveness of fiberglass with the Veron range.

Thanks to the “Holes Pattern System” technology, the rackets drilling plan is perfectly adapted to its diamond shape to allow you to optimize the transmission of power on each strike of the ball. It also brings control and precision to the game.

Its 3D Spin + rough finish helps you give maximum spin (thanks to bumps and a rough finish on the faces of the racket  to the ball while maintaining control of your racket.

The Air Veron 2023 racket is made up of X-EVA technology at its core. This process is a series of gums of different density. The two stiffer outer layers provide precision and punch while the softer center foam provides comfort and forgiveness. Attention guaranteed result!

The Babolat Air Veron stands out: the new Vibrasorb System technology, Powered by SMAC, is made of an elastomeric material that protects the player’s arms and reduces the risk of injury.

Who is the ideal player for the Babolat Air Veron?

The Babolat Air Veron 2023 Padel racket has been developed for intermediate to advanced level padel players who are looking for dynamism and liveliness in their game. It will appeal to offensive players who like to go up to the net and pick up speed. opponent. Are you looking for a light and manoeuvrable racket to chain shots with ease? Do not hesitate. Take advantage of the combination of dynamic power and maneuverability to improve your performance on the court with this exceptional racket. Play light, play relaxed with a racket that has already proven itself.

The design of the Babolat Air Veron racket

The Babolat Air Veron is black and blue. The blue on the racket evokes the lightness and maneuverability of the Pala Air Veron. On the 2023 version, the blue is even more present on the outline of the racket and it is easier to identify the racket. The effect of smoke on the frame is different on each racket  You will therefore have in your hands a completely original racket.

The Coach's Eye

The Air Veron Padel racket is a real bias for maneuverability. It will make your game fluid and airy for better control of your gestures. I was surprised by the handling of the racket given its diamond shape.

The Babolat Air Veron is a racket that has a real identity. We do not choose it at random. It's perfect for players drawn to the net who aren't afraid of finishing the point on a volley / volley. Players with shoulder problems will also appreciate the low weight of this padel racket. I especially liked the feeling of lightness and fluidity. Its Carbon flex surface makes it an intermediate racket in terms of rigidity and therefore rather forgiving. Be careful, however, to keep control of your shots by using your body weight to compensate for the lightness of the Babolat Air Veron racquet.

Are you looking for a racket that will allow you to better control the game, we invite you to check out the new Babolat Counter Veron. On the contrary, are you looking for more power? So the Babolat Technical Veron is here to give you that extra punch.

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