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Babolat Technical Veron 2023 Racket

The Babolat Technical Veron is a powerful and precise padel racket. Its diamond shape with a high balance on the padel racket makes it a lethal offensive weapon for your opponents. It is designed for the advanced technical player. From volleys to smashes, take advantage of all the qualities of the Technical Veron racquet to finish points with panache. 

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The Babolat Technical Veron 2023 features "Carbon Flex" technology. This is a mixture of carbon fibre and glass fibre that provides a so-called dynamic power. Carbon Flex retains the explosive qualities of carbon while providing the comfort and forgiveness of fiberglass. The surface will help you to close the points while keeping a maximum of comfort.

The "Black Eva" core brings strength and power to the Babolat Technical Veron padel. This gives a firm feel to the ball, perfect for padel players who like to feel the contact with the ball.

Thanks to the Holes Pattern System technology, the padel's hole pattern is perfectly adapted to its diamond shape to allow you to optimize the power transmission on each ball strike. It also brings control and precision to the game.

The 3D Spin finish of the Babolat Technical Veron helps you to give maximum spin to the ball while maintaining control of your padel.

The Babolat Technical Veron stands out: the new Vibrasorb System technology, Powered by SMAC, absorbs maximum vibration. It is an elastomer material that protects the player's arms and reduces the risk of injury.

Who is the ideal player for the Babolat Technical Veron?

The Babolat Technical Veron 2023  padel was designed for intermediate to advanced padel players looking for power and precision in their attacking shots. With the Babolat Technical Veron racquet, focus on your game at net and improve the performance and power of your shots. If you are looking to create differences in the game and go out and win points on your own, this is the racquet for you. In addition, the Veron range will surprise you with its dynamic and comfortable feel. The mix of power and comfort is interesting for players who suffer from arm pain.


The design of the Babolat Technical Veron 

The racquet is black with eye-catching red and yellow details. This colour combination gives the Babolat Technical Veron 2023 an elegant and premium feel. The red enhances the feeling of power that comes from the racquet. In 2023, the design of the Veron padel racquets evolves with a smoke effect unique to each racquet. The smoke effect on the frame is different on each racket. You will have in your hands a completely original racket.

The Coach's Eye

This padel is definitely an attacking racket. The diamond shape and head weight are important to the identity of the racquet. This is a racquet for the offensive minded player. 

When I tested it, I immediately loved its undeniable contribution to volleys and smashes. However, a minimum technical foundation is required to fully master the potential of the Babolat Technical Veron 2023. If you check all the boxes, this padel will be a great help on the court.

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