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Racket BABOLAT Counter Veron 2023


Your Babolat Counter Veron 2023 Padel racket

The Babolat Counter Veron is the ultimate counter racquet. Its name attests, it is intended for counterattack players. This round padel racket (hybrid) with a low / medium balance on the racket will allow you to control each ball regardless of its speed. Its enlarged and centered strike zone makes it a forgiving racquet; no more off-center ball strikes and make way for crazy puntacos.

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The Babolat Counter Veron padel racket will appeal to sensation players who like to handle the ball in defense and retrieve the net.

In addition, the surface of the Counter Veron Babolat in “Carbon Flex” brings to the padel racket a dynamic power which will help you to conclude the points while keeping a maximum of comfort. It is the mixture of carbon fibers and glass fibers that allows this exceptional result.

The “Black Eva” core brings resistance and power to the Babolat Counter Veron padel racket. This characteristic gives a firm ball touch, perfect for padel players who like to feel contact with the ball.

Thanks to the “Holes Pattern System” technology, the racquet's drilling pattern is perfectly adapted to its round shape to allow you to optimize the transmission of power on each strike of the ball. It also brings control and precision to the game.

Its 3D Spin + finish helps you give maximum effect (thanks to reliefs and a rough finish on the faces of the racket) to the ball while maintaining control of your padel racket.

The Counter Veron Babolat stands out: the new Vibrasorb System technology, Powered by SMAC, absorbs a maximum of vibrations. It is an elastomeric material that protects the player's arms and helps reduce the risk of injury.

Who is the ideal player for the Babolat Counter Veron?

Babolat has developed the Babolat Counter Veron 2023 padel racket for intermediate to advanced level padel players who are looking for total control of the game. The Veron range will surprise you with its dynamic touch for more liveliness in contact with the ball. The Babolat Counter Veron is made for players who like to control the game from the baseline and surprise on the defensive stages. Are you looking for a manoeuvrable, controllable and technical racquet to chain shots with ease? The Babolat Counter Veron padel racket is made for you. With this racket in hand, you will just have to focus on the tactical aspects!


The design of the Babolat Counter Veron racket

The Babolat Counter Veron is black and green. The green evokes the stability and vitality of this high quality padel racket. New for 2023 comes from the smoke effect specific to each racket. The effect of smoke on the frame is different on each racquet. You will therefore have in your hands a completely original racket.

The Coach's Eye

With the Babolat Counter Veron racket, master the game and avoid unforced errors. This padel racket is your friend in the defensive phases. Its round shape and hybrid surfaces increase forgiveness and performance.

Personally, I love the control side of things and this racquet allows me to vary my defensive shots with ease. It allows me to focus on tactics and other aspects of the game. On offense, the combination of carbon fiber and black Eva foam gives the racquet some punch and allows it to create differences. This is a racquet that can suit a multitude of players who want above all to gain control


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