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Discover a multitude of Padel Bags on Padel Reference.

Find padel bags at the best price as well as padel backpacks of very good quality. 

Take advantage of a large choice of padel bags to protect and store your rackets as well as your clothes, shoes and padel accessories. 

Before buying a padel bag, it is important to know how often you play.

This question will help you determine the type of bag you need and guide your budget. If you are a regular player, it is best to choose a large bag. You will be able to carry your racket and equipment in comfort, in this case the budget will be more consequent than for a non-regular player who will just need a small bag to store his racket.

The different padel bags 

At Padel Reference we offer three different types of padel bags, each of which meets a different demand. 

The racket bags are large and have several compartments to store several rackets, clothes, padel shoes, and other accessories. This is the bag with the most storage space, this bag will allow you to carry everything you need to play padel. (e.g. Nox Thermo ML10 Pro Padel Bag P.1)

The backpacks, are practical padel bags, which allow you to carry one or two rackets as well as some clothes and accessories. (ex: Padel Nox Mochila AT10 Pro Backpack)

The handbags are the smallest bags, it is a bag that can be similar to a city handbag, it allows you to carry your padel racket as well as your personal effects. 

(ex: Adidas Weekend Bag Whi)

A padel bag for a more comfortable practice of the sport

It is important to know that too much temperature variation can deteriorate the quality of your racket. If you want to keep your racket at the right temperature in a bag or backpack, it will increase the durability of your racket.

Bags are all about protecting and caring for your paddle and your belongings. There are a variety of paddle bags and paddle backpacks with different sizes, compartments, designs and colours. There is a special compartment for storing your racket. Depending on the model of bag, you will find different compartments, one to store your shoes, one to store your clothes, an isothermal compartment to store your snacks.

On Padel Reference, find all the best brands of padel bags in the world

Each bag is made with different materials and different technologies. On some bags you will have several compartments to store rackets, shoes, clothes and also a cooler pocket. Having a good paddle bag will help you carry your stuff more comfortably and also prolong the life of your racket.

Padel Reference offers a wide range of paddle tennis bags

Enter our catalogue and choose the ideal bag among the biggest brands of Padel such as Bullpadel, Head, Nox, Adidas, Starvie, Babolat, Dunlop, Just Ten, Siux, Vibor-A, Varlion.

On our website, you will find bags to meet your needs as a player, some are looking for a large padel bag, others for a backpack, we are here to satisfy your needs. 

Competitive prices

Padel Reference offers you a wide range of bags, you will find all the major brands of Padel. You will find these articles at the best price, with promotions throughout the year.

Padel Reference makes it all about deliveries on time and is always available to answer your messages to advise you.