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BlackCrown Padel Racket

A brand of racket 100% dedicated to Padel

For those who are new to the Spanish crown brand, here's what you need to know. First of all, the Black Crown Padel Brand is entirely dedicated to the practice of Padel (unlike certain multisport brands that can be found in tennis in particular). As such, Black Crown offers all its fans quality products perfectly suited to the requirements of this booming sport.

Very close to its players, the brand stands out with its family and caring approach. With Black Crown, you are choosing a brand on a human scale that has a real desire to bring the maximum quality to its products for maximum satisfaction of the players who choose this brand with a distinct style.


With Black Crown, you will find Padel rackets for all levels of play and all styles of players. For Black Crown, the equation is simple, design high quality rackets with particular attention to price to favor the maximum practice of Padel in the best conditions. For Black Crown, the playing comfort and tolerance of its racquets are important and there is a significant proportion of round racquets in each collection of the brand.

Thanks to the experience accumulated at the highest level, Black Crown offers products of the highest quality all over the world.

La Piton: queen of Black Crown rackets

At Black Crown, there is a racket that is unanimous. It is renewed year after year. This exceptional racket crosses the ages without taking a wrinkle. It is available in several versions. This year, the Piton 9.0, Piton 9.0 Soft and Piton Air rackets make their appearance in the 2021 collection.

The success of the Black Crown Piton is due to several reasons. First of all, it is a manoeuvrable and round shaped racquet. Getting started is quick and easy. Players with less secure technique will therefore be able to tame it effortlessly. Nevertheless, the Black Crown Piton has some nice surprises in store for us with maximum power during attack shots. Confirmed and expert Padel players will be delighted because good technique maximizes the performance of this pala. The Piton racquet and its little sisters are therefore suitable for a wide range of playing levels.

To summarize, it is a very well balanced pala between control and power which adapts to intermediate players and which emphasizes more regular and good level players.


Finally, its black and gold “Pirates of the Caribbean” design quickly hit the mark in the padel player community. Now its notoriety is taking over to attract more and more new followers.


For women, the Piton is also available thanks to one of the most popular padel rackets: the Black Crown Piton Nakano.

How to choose among all the rackets in the Piton series?

The Black Crown 2021 collection: high quality rackets

As every year, the new Black Crown 2021 models compete with the best rackets on the circuit. Present on the World Padel Tour, professional players who use these padel rackets are fully satisfied. The Piton and Nakano ranges benefit from an exhibition with players such as Adrian Allemandi and Marta Marrero.

Each year, the brand returns and proves that it is without a doubt one of the best padel rackets on the circuit.

With versions for all Padel players and all styles of play, it offers its fans the possibility of evolving thanks to a complete catalog. To learn more about the best racket models in the world, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Thanks to the new 2021 collection, Black Crown is aimed at a maximum of players and a maximum of different types of play. Find, here all the variations of this magnificent racket.

The Padel Piton 9.0 racket, ninth of the name

The Padel Piton 9.0 racquet returns to its roots and finds the essence of its big sister: the Padel Black Crown Piton racquet. Round in shape and made with materials that promote control of the ball , it will appeal to experienced and professional players who want better defensive footing in the game. The Super Control Black EVA foam will give you a touch of the ball full of control (unlike to the foam that can be found in other brands of Padel).


When hitting the ball, control will be total. On the attack side, the Padel Piton 9.0 racquet is not to be outdone, the use of 3k Carbon fiber on the surface of the racquet allows good level players to capitalize on this explosive material. Power is therefore also there!


You're looking for maximum control without compromising on power. This is the racquet from the Piton range for you.

Piton 9.0 soft for optimal playing comfort

Here is the soft version of the Padel Piton 9.0 racket, designed for touch players. More flexible and comfortable, the Piton 9.0 soft will appeal to padel players who prefer a dynamic racket with less hard ball contact .

The racket exit is easy with more speed and allows you to play with flexibility and elegance. Despite everything, the Piton 9.0 Soft Padel racket retains the natural qualities of control and tolerance of the Piton range.

The new Piton 9.0 soft racket is aimed at padel players who are looking for playing comfort above all.

Piton Air to avoid injuries

Do not be afraid to string together ball strikes and padel sessions with this racket designed to minimize the impact of the game on your body.

Adrian Allemandi's padel racket stands out for its ability to absorb shocks during each strike of the ball. This leads to more stability and fluidity in the exchanges. The ideal hitting strike zone is distributed over the entire surface for top tolerance.

AVAIR technology is what gives the racquet its identity, while reducing the vibrations of the racquet as much as possible, it increases the ability to string together precise racquet strokes.

This racquet has been specially designed for players prone to muscle injuries in the arm and shoulder area.

Do not hesitate to get this high quality racket.

Nakano rackets: a real success for women

The Black Crown Piton Nakano is at the origin of the success of the rackets of the series of the same name. It is a flexible, manoeuvrable and comfortable racquet that is suitable for a majority of women. The grip of this racket is quick and easy and it is also its great strength.

Its round shape and fiberglass surface give it maximum control and tolerance. The Extra Soft Eva foam provides flexibility and comfort. However, the power is still there.

You are an intermediate or confirmed padel player, you are looking for sensations of control and a good touch of the ball in the game. Opt for this manoeuvrable and dynamic racket for more ease on the padel court.

The Piton Nakano 15K, the top-of-the-range racket from Marta Marrero

Marta Marrero's Padel Piton Nakano 15k racket will delight more than one. The quality of this racket for attackers looking to finish the point when the opportunity arises is well established.

In addition, it is a padel racket that will not leave you without an option in defense. Round in shape, it stands out for the use of 15k carbon which gives it a lot of punch and allows you to speed up the game in attack to put your opponent away from the ball.

It is a racket for aggressive players of confirmed and expert level. Do not panic, however, you will still enjoy the control necessary to disgust your opponents thanks to fast and precise defenses.


The Piton Nakano 3k is a more balanced padel racket, which will appeal to complete players. In attack the 3k carbon will bring more punch. In defense, the Eva soft 15 core will bring touch and the round shape more control.

Do not hesitate to ask us for advice to make the best possible choice and get the most out of your new racquet.

Power and Control: Black Crown racquets give you performance to shine on the court

Padel Black Crown rackets are mostly round. They will appeal to Padel players looking for a balance between control and power. The association of a racket with a round structure with a hybrid rubber brings more control in the game.

Black Crown then plays on the surfaces of these rackets to bring more or less power. The frequent use of carbon gives the racquet the power necessary for experienced players to make the most of their technique.


New for this year, the Padel Yeti racquets and the Genius range offer more power and weight in volleys and smashes thanks to teardrop shapes. This form allows even more power during the offensive phases.

Two top level representatives for the Padel brand

At the highest level of World Padel, the two headliners Marta Marrero and Adrian Allemandi are responsible for representing the brand. During the World Padel Tour events, they have the difficult task of showing the world all the qualities of these magnificent rackets.

Do like these two champions and opt for the Black Crown brand.

The best of Black Crown is on Padel Reference

No doubt, on Padel Reference you will find the best brands and the best rackets. A large catalog of quality products and the best prices await you on Padel Reference. Whatever your level of play, or the moment in the season, you may need to change rackets to improve or simply because your old racket is getting old. Do not wait and above all do not hesitate to consult us for more details on your padel equipment.

To find the bag that will accompany your Padel racket, do not hesitate to consult our Padel Black Crown bag page. 

You want to play with another pure Padel brand. Here are some brands of Padel rackets that may interest you: Varlion, Bullpadel, Nox, Star Vie.

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