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Today, in the world Padel landscape, Babolat has its place as a true specialist padel brand. Babolat Padel has established itself year after year to become a respected brand. Babolat has put down its suitcases in the club of high quality Padel brands. These rackets are loved by many fans and are sold all over the world.

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The brand and padel rackets Babolat

It is by its attractive design and especially by the design of quality rackets that the French brand has imposed itself on everyone. In 2023, the collection amazes with its balance: rackets for all levels and all styles of play.

Babolat knows Padel and makes it known!

Hats off to the brand and its R&D team. From our side, all that remains is to enjoy these quality products.

On Padel Reference, all Babolat brand products at reduced prices

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Padel rackets for all levels and all types of players

To consult our range of Babolat rackets, go to our racket catalog. You will find the new Babolat 2023 collection there. Novelties (of course, at the best price) Babolat Padel that challenge.

This year, explaining and advising you on Padel Babolat rackets has never been easier. The ranges are clearly defined and the type of player targeted by each racquet is easily identifiable and fully assumed.

In 2023, it is one of the padel brands with which it is easiest to choose your padel equipment.

The Viper range for expert padel players

Have you been hooked on Padel for some time? Your technique is in place and you are tactically comfortable on the court. Your padel racket is neither more nor less than the extension of your hand. You are therefore one of the expert padel players. Sometimes you are even caught telling your exploits of the last few months to beginner Padel players who listen to you with admiration!

You are therefore part of the target padel player category of the Babolat Viper range of rackets.

To give you a little indication, Babolat Technical Viper is Juan Lebron's racquet .

The viper range stands out with its 12k woven Carbon surface. It is a 100% Carbon sieve which gives you rigidity, solidity and explosive power . Extraordinary, and that's not all; Babolat uses X-EVA technology for its foam and gives the racket increased rigidity and power for even more “explosion” in your shots!

The Viper range is available in three racquets: The Babolat Technical Viper for technical players looking for power, the Babolat counter Viper for counter players looking for control and the Babolat air Viper for spinning padel players looking for maneuverability and lightness.

Do not hesitate to consult in detail the snowshoes of the Viper range on our site.

For confirmed players: the Veron range

The Padel Veron racket range is represented by Bastien Blanqué, number 1 player in France. Less technical than the Viper range, these high quality padel rackets are still aimed at experienced players with good technical mastery.

The major difference comes from the incorporation of Carbon Flex technology: the combination of the explosive power of carbon and the easy power of fiberglass.
The racket is then more pleasant and allows you to take full advantage of the carbon performance.

In the Babolat Veron range of rackets, you can find the Veron technical, official Bastien Blanqué racket, the Babolat Counter Veron, a more precise and tolerant counter racket and the Babolat Air Veron for more maneuverability and lightness in your game.

For intermediate players: the Vertuo range

You begin to feel that your regular lessons and your 3-hour padel games under a blazing sun are bearing fruit. It's time to invest in a quality racquet that will be by your side for a while. You have clearly progressed and are more confident in your game. Choose the Vertuo range of rackets!

Babolat rackets from the Vertuo range will give you more flexibility and dynamism when in contact with the ball. The flexible materials used, in particular with the fiberglass surfaces, offer easy power to the racquet. Snowshoes are pleasant and tolerant for more pleasure and allow you to continue to progress in the best conditions.

The Babolat Technical Vertuo, the Babolat Counter Vertuo and the Babolat Air Vertuo make up this range of Padel rackets.

Beginners and initiation paddle tennis rackets

Babolat does not forget the beginner Padel players, you will find all the beginner Padel models on our site. These models are suitable for less sustained practice. They are also handy and forgiving for more comfort in the game

Thanks WHO? Thank you Juan Lebron.

Real star in the world of Padel. Juan Lebron is impressive on each of his outings. Leader on the field and impressive on the court, he is a representative of choice for the Babolat brand.

The brand simply buys itself a top world player to represent its equipment. What better way to prove that your rackets are of good quality?

Since 2018, Babolat has also surrounded itself with players such as Fernando Poggi, a whimsical player with an imposing physique. Among women, we also find the former tenniswoman Rina Fujiwara.

Babolat Padel balls

Babolat Tennis version, these are quality balls. What could be more normal for the brand to adapt by offering Padel its version of the ideal Padel ball.

Two types of balls are available to you:


The Babolat Padel + is a ball with a very long lifespan. It is designed for beginners and intermediate players who enjoy a slower game and who prefer control.


The Babolat Padel Tour is designed for experienced players looking for power for more performance and to finish points more easily.

Padel Bags and Shoes for complete equipment

Babolat Padel Bags

With its tennis experience, Babolat makes superb padel bags for you. Again, there is something for everyone.

Babolat shoes

At Babolat, we know: Padel shoes represent real know-how. Discover all the brand's shoes and choose from the different models. Lightweight shoes with soles. Good cushioning and maximum comfort. You will only feel better with quality shoes on your feet.