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Padel rackets, Textiles, Shoes, Bags and Accessories of the brand Nox 

The Nox brand, a perfect balance between design and quality

Nox is a Spanish company specialising in the sale of padel equipment. The brand you can trust one hundred percent. The Nox padel brand comes back every year with more and more impressive rackets. Big names in the world of padel play with this brand, such as Miguel Lamperti, Agustín Tapia, the Sànchez alayeto twins and our ambassador, the talented player Léa Godallier. The Nox brand has presented a new high quality collection for 2022 for all types of players. Their Nox rackets will surprise you with their excellent performance, but also with their renewed and striking design. All these collections consist of padel rackets designed for different types of players, rackets designed to perform on every point with their performance and advantages. Nox with its multiple series will give you the right playing partner. Nox is well known in the world of padel, this four-walled sport is different from tennis and that's why nox creates adapted products. Nox offers different shapes, rubbers and hitting surfaces. Nox will offer you everything you need to play padel. Whether you are a professional padel player, a beginner padel player or an intermediate padel player, you will find everything you need at Padel Reference. With a commitment to making every player better, nox is working hard to keep its technology among the best in the market.

Nox padel rackets, high power and excellent control

The Nox padel rackets are of high quality and have a design that is much sought after by players. Nox rackets at Padel Reference, it is the guarantee of the best price for the highest quality. We have a whole catalogue of Nox Padel products waiting for you, no matter what kind of player you are! That's how impressive Nox is as a producer of high quality rackets. But Nox also offers padel rackets for all types of players: for women, juniors and men. We can't remind you enough, but buying Nox means buying quality, design and the best technologies on the market. These rackets guarantee the best performance thanks to the use of the latest systems and technologies on the market.

Nox padel rackets are known for their power and control. They offer maximum durability because they are made with the latest materials and technologies exclusive to one brand in the padel sector. Among its many launches, one of the most famous palas is the Nox ML10 Pro Cup racket.

The new Nox snowshoe collection in 2022?

The new collection of Nox 2022 padel rackets includes many models such as the new Nox AT10 Luxury Genius Arena racket or the Nox Agustin Tapia racket, the Nox AT10 Luxury New Genius racket. The Nox AT10 Luxury Genius is a racket that combines genius and performance and is part of the Luxury Series. Nox also has a number of other racquet ranges such as the WPT (World Padel Tour) Editions.

Nox padel, has succeeded in producing new rackets for the most important tournament of the four-wall sport. The WPT Editions collection has been created with seven rackets and seven new designs. These racquets are the product of the research and development team's work, they all have excellent materials and technologies but the Tempo, Nerbo and Nexo racquets seem to be from another planet. They feature some of the most advanced technologies available today, but they also feature some of the best and most innovative designs of the past year. The new Nox padel rackets are everything you need to win your matches with the best performance.

For example, the Nox Nerbo WPT Series racket has become one of the most sought after this year. Made in a diamond shape, it incorporates a core formed by different layers of black EVA rubber of different densities. The aim is to improve the performance and power of the ball. The surface is rough, which makes it easier to hit the ball with more spin. Ideal for advanced or professional players. In addition, there are other systems like the Carbon 18K or the AVS vibration absorption system. In short, a very complete racquet for players who want to show their best version in every match.

Another case, the Tempo WPT racquet, a control racquet that refers to its name because it is as precise as a watch. Designed for players with a style of play based on control and precision. It is made of 100% carbon. With a round shape, low balance, it is one of the best options for padel players who need control for their playing style. Also, another of the innovations found is its core formed by different multi-layers of black EVA, capable of improving the performance of each shot.

The range of Nox rackets known as WPT Editions includes two other models, Nexo WPT Edition and Attraction WPT, Equation WPT and Equation Lady and Emotion. Some of the Nox racquets that complete the World Padel Tour series will leave no one indifferent for their performance and benefits.

And if you want to find out more about the collections

The Luxury Series is a collection of successful rackets. The Nox ML10 Luxury Perto padel offers precision and control. New for 2022 are the ML10 Luxury Bahia and the ML10 Luxury Shotgun, the Luxury Titanium 3k and the Luxury Titanium 18k.

The AT10 New Genius Arena racquet is a racquet based and created under the guidance of Agustin Tapia. This model is new with its rough finish with Silica sand, with a high density HR3 rubber core. This material allows for an incredible memory effect that manages to impart great power when striking. It has AVS anti-vibration technology that is designed to reduce vibrations as much as possible. So which racquet makes you vibrate? Which racquet do you think is the best? 

As a reference brand, Nox has an extensive catalogue, so we still have to talk about the last three Nox lines. Finally, the brand offers three more blade lines, the Advance series, the Casual series and the Ultra Light. In each of them you can find new blades such as the Attraction WPT, Equation, Equation Lady and Emotion . Racquets designed for the casual player who doesn't want to do without the quality and performance offered by Nox.

Want to put on your shoes like a pro?

Nox padel shoes are designed by specialists to take care of your foot health. They offer padel shoes capable of reducing the risk of injury and improving the performance of every player on the padel court, regardless of their level. Nox padel shoes have been clinically approved and certified by the Martín Rueda Foot Studies Center and the INESCOP Footwear Technology laboratory. 

The Nox brand is producing a new collection of shoes this year, specialising in padel. 

A pair of 100% padel shoes! 

After two years of development, a team of podiatrists with expertise in the field of biomechanics have created these shoes. Padel shoes that have been tested and validated by top players such as Miguel Lamperti and Agustin Tapia. They are now available for sale. 

In order to develop these padel shoes, Nox called on the renowned podiatrist Marta Rueda, who now works with professional and amateur players from FC Barcelona. In collaboration with this talented woman, Nox was able to analyse the specific movements of the foot when playing padel. With this method, it is easier to understand the movements and therefore to understand the common injuries related to bad shoes. 

This 100% padel shoe minimizes injuries and improves player performance!

In the technology of the new Nox AT10, and Nox AT10 Lux, we find an outsole mixing pimples and herringbones for a perfect grip, an Ortholite sole for a perfect comfort, a maximum EVA cushioning for an unprecedented energy return, as well as support zones and reinforcements to avoid injuries and extend the durability of these padel shoes!

These 100% padel shoes from Nox have obtained the INESCOP label which certifies that they comply with the sport and biomechanical specificities of padel, becoming the first padel brand to be certified in this way. The shoes have been studied in all aspects: thermal comfort, pressure analysis, muscle fatigue, obtaining superior results compared to other padel shoes manufacturers. The new reference of padel shoes will be used by all the players under contract with Nox, including of course Agustín Tapia, Miguel Lamperti and the Sánchez Alayeto twins.

With Nox, dress up your Padel from head to toe

Discover their padel shirts, padel polo shirts, padel trousers, padel sweatshirts and the entire range of padel apparel in their new META 10th Anniversary collection. With the new Sweat Control technology, a fabric that absorbs sweat from the hands at the bottom of the shirts or polo shirts and the Balance Fresh fabric that offers more comfort and convenience during the game. 

Nox has not forgotten the women. The brand has developed women's padel tennis clothing with a polyester fibre fabric that guarantees maximum comfort in every garment. Their Balance Fresh technology wicks away perspiration and keeps you cool, dry and comfortable. It is a light and soft fabric that allows air to circulate. 

And many other nox accessories ...

In our padel ball catalogue you will find the Nox balls, which are known for their quality, resistance and durability. These professional padel balls have the best materials, special for competition matches, championships but also for training. They are pressurised balls that guarantee the best quality with every shot. Get Nox padel balls at the best price at Padel Reference with the best guarantee of the brand. High durability and stability are the words defining Nox balls.

The padel brand has designed different models in which technology is its great ally. Thanks to its different systems, the shoes manage to provide more stability, cushioning, grip and comfort. Qualities that are more than necessary in any padel shoe.

Still have questions about the nox brand, a racket or padel in general? Our blog or our customer service will be able to help you. You can trust us one hundred percent.

It is not uncommon to find your paddle rackets written as paddle rackets. The spelling paddle racket is common but not correct. The English word "paddle" was originally used in Argentina and Spain more than 10 years ago. This is where the use of this spelling paddle racket comes from. In Argentina and Italy, this spelling still persists. Nevertheless, the term is gradually disappearing.