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A true institution in the world of sport, the Adidas brand has been involved in padel for a few years already. Ultra competitive market, majority owned by Spanish brands and the essential racquet sports brands, Adidas Padel has imposed its style, modern design and advanced technologies, to become today one of the most appreciated and played brands. in the world.

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Adidas a sports giant in the padel

A true institution in the world of sport, the Adidas brand has been involved in padel for a few years already. Ultra competitive market, majority owned by Spanish brands and the essential racquet sports brands, Adidas Padel has imposed its style, modern design and advanced technologies, to become today one of the most appreciated and played brands. in the world.

The marketing resources of this sports giant allow it to catch up with their historical delay in the field of racket sports. Represented at the most level by the current world number 1 Alé Galan. Adidas is therefore betting on the present and the future with one of the most spectacular players of the World Padel Tour. Among the girls it is the very elegant Martita Ortega, former world number 1 and still among the best current players, who represents the German brand on the padel slopes. Alex Ruiz and Seba Nerone complete the Adidas Padel team.

Adidas has conquered an audience of passionate players with high quality padel rackets, textiles, bags and padel accessories. This success, the result of significant investments and judicious partnerships, has allowed Adidas to gradually establish itself to become one of the best brands of padel rackets in the world.

At Padel Reference, find all Adidas brand rackets at the best price. Also discover all the other Adidas products and enjoy a large catalog of padel rackets for all levels and styles of play.

Adidas Padel: a wide choice of padel rackets

With no less than 19 different models in 2021, Adidas presents a complete padel racket collection to satisfy all types of players and all levels of play. Are you an aggressive player looking for better power in each strike of the ball? Are you a tactical player looking for a manoeuvrable racquet with good control? Beginner or confirmed player? Looking for a round shape or a diamond or water drop shape? You will find your happiness in the different ranges of Adidas rackets.

Thanks to the creation of distinct ranges, with a careful design, you just have to let yourself be guided by successful models and choose your racket according to your level of play and your expectations. Adidas is keen to follow you in your progress with a range of racquets for each step of your ascent to the highest level.

For beginners, you will be seduced by the Adidas RX racket range which will accompany you in your first steps on the padel courts. The Adipower Lite padel rackets will be ideal for confirming your technical progress and the Adipower and Metalbone ranges of rackets when you are ready to perform at a confirmed level and rediscover the sensations of the best players in the world padel tour.

High-end padel rackets with unique and quality technologies.

The two ranges Adidas Metalbone and Adipower constitute the top of the range of the brand. New to the 2021 collection, the Adidas Metalbone padel rackets are a true compendium of advanced technologies and quality materials. Very solid racquets that last over time thanks to their octagonal structure technology. They differ from other racquets of the brand because they are customizable. Indeed, the weight & balance system technology makes it possible to modify the weight and the balance of the racket. Equipped with the much appreciated Carbon Aluminized on the surface and the Eva Soft Performance gum in the core of the racket, the Metalbone 3.1 from Ale Galan and the Metalbone Ctrl 3.1 are in line with the Adidas rackets, namely oriented padel rackets. playing comfort and solidity. Discover a unique gaming experience using these premium versions that perfectly combine power and control.

The Adipower range for technical players is the association between Carbon Aluminized and Eva Soft Energy / Eva High Memory. Integrating carbon Aluminized on the surface and on the frame provides better ball control, increased power and very good strength. The Eva Soft Energy / Eva High Memory gums that make up the core of the Adipower range considerably increase playing comfort and allow good racket output. The combination of the two makes these rackets real assets to improve your level of play. Discover the new versions of these rackets on our Padel reference site.

Alex Ruiz's Adipower Ctrl 3.1, is a real bestseller, it has conquered a wide audience, although intended for players of confirmed levels, it remains very popular with all types of players thanks to its maneuverability and its playing comfort. For those looking for a little more power, the Adipower 3.1 will seduce thanks to a more balanced head of the racket. For women, the Adipower Light 3.1 is the padel player Martita Ortega's racquet. A true all-round racquet, it is ideal for players of a good technical level.

Choice of racquet for intermediate and experienced players

The Essnova range, which we discovered in 2020, returns this year with the Essnova Carbon 3.0 and the Essnova Carbon Ctrl 3.0. The playing comfort is also the strong point of these rackets. Intended for intermediate and advanced players with a good technical level, they amaze with their maneuverability and touch on the ball. We recommend it for players who want to take a step forward in their progression without taking any risk in the game. The player looking for good control will go for the Essnova Carbon Ctrl 3.0 racket, which is more precise thanks to its round shape. For those looking for power in their game, the Essnova Carbon 3.0 will give you good power thanks to its diamond shape. It nevertheless keeps a very good touch on the ball. A tennis player with a sufficient technical level new to Padel can also be tempted by these versatile and tolerant Adidas padel rackets.

For intermediate players who want to progress while using the rackets of top players, Adidas presents the Adipower Lite range. You will find the same foams as for the Adipower range which offer a very good touch but with a surface coating that is more pleasant to play and more comfortable. Find a very appreciable playing experience with these versions access to the playing comfort and a soft touch of the ball.

Why start padel with Adidas rackets from the RX range?

For a first experience in the padel, Adidas accompanies your first strikes of the ball and your first exchanges on the courts with the range of RX rackets. These paddle tennis palas are perfectly suited for casual players and beginner level players who prioritize control in hitting the balls. They are light and more maneuverable and have a pleasant contact with the ball. Specially designed to have fun when you start paddleboarding, Eva Soft Performance foam combined with a fiberglass coating provide an unparalleled feeling of comfort. With a high tolerance, they will help you even when the strike zone is not optimal. You want to offer an Adidas racquet to a friend who is new to Paddle tennis, a racquet from this range will be the ideal gift to get your foot in the stirrup.

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Buy your Adidas padel racket with confidence on our site specializing in the sale of Paddle Tennis equipment. A wide variety of rackets awaits you in our “padel rackets” area. Amateur or confirmed player, you will get your racquet in a few clicks and will be delivered quickly to your home or to a relay point. Do not hesitate to discover all our ranges in the racket section of Adidas.

You want to discover other quality brands. We have a complete catalog of racket brands: Head, Babolat, Bullpadel, Nox, Royal Padel, Black Crown, Varlion, etc.

Padel bags to store all your Adidas equipment

On padel reference, We offer you many references among the best padel bags from the Adidas brand. You will find complete padel bags with several compartments like the Adidas Pro Tour Lime and Adidas Pro Tour Orange bags, more practical bags like the Adidas Multigame padel bag in leather, padel bags with isothermal compartment, backpacks etc. . In short, whatever your desire, we have the bag you need.

For you, the choice of bag will depend on your playing frequency and the equipment you need during your Paddle Tennis games. Do not hesitate to consult us for more information.

Keep your Adidas Padel rackets in the best conditions

As we know, padel rackets degrade with wear and time, and the foam and coating react to humidity and heat in particular. To allow the racket to extend its lifespan, it is important to store it in a dry place at a moderate temperature. Nothing like an isothermal Adidas Padel bag to protect your racket as much as possible from the effects of the climate and thus keep all its characteristics.

Take advantage of Adidas textiles for optimal playing comfort

Do you want to equip yourself from head to toe with your favorite brand of Padel? No worries, we've got you covered.

Technical and anti-perspirant T-shirts, cotton T-shirts, Paddle tennis shorts, jackets, skirts or tank tops, we have all the panoply of the passionate Padel player.

Consult our page "Adidas clothing" and find the outfit of your dreams.

Increase your playing comfort with the Adidas padel T-shirt. Specialist in paddel tennis textiles, Adidas develops technical, light and comfortable T-shirts and tank tops. Thanks to the technical material, the moisture transfer is optimal for quick drying.

Adidas accessories to complete your equipment

As you probably know, the racket is not everything. It is possible to improve your playing conditions to become totally unfazed on the court. At Adidas you will find your happiness with a multitude of accessories to improve your comfort and increase your level of play.

Grips, overgrips, protectors, wrists, caps etc. all our accessories for the practice of Paddle tennis await you on our shop. Do not hesitate to consult the accessories of the Head brand, but also many other quality brands on the accessories page of our site.

At Padel Reference, Adidas padel balls at a low price

On our site,, we offer you the Adidas Speed ​​RX padel balls at the best price online. These Adidas balls have been designed to give you a good speed during your strikes as well as a good rebound. Very pleasant to play, they also have a very good lifespan. For a long-term successful playing experience, these padel balls will be perfect. Do not hesitate and add one or more tubes of balls to your order.

If you are an avid padel player and spend more time on the padel courts, order a box of Adidas Speed ​​RX balls tubes directly and take advantage of attractive discounts.

To try your luck and win a year of Paddle tennis balls, visit our instagram. We regularly offer you the possibility of winning a cardboard padel ball.

Join Adidas Padel and be part of an eco-responsible community

In 2021, the Adidas brand is committed to an ecological approach. the #Greenpadel which consists of the reforestation of 3m2 with each adidas #Greenpadel racket sold, and thus eliminate 50 kg of CO2, leaves no one indifferent. Through this gesture, the German brand shows its attachment to the environment and its desire to move towards an eco-responsible model.

Adidas continues to innovate and confirms its leadership in ecological responsibility by offering the first eco-responsible padel racket, #greenpadel, designed in natural fiber. Indeed, the Adidas #greenpadel uses the flax fiber, Flax Fiber, on the surface. This fiber, revolutionary in the manufacture of padel rackets, brings great resistance to the racket combined with increased flexibility for better playing comfort.