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Padel chez Head is gaining ground in tennis

In the world of Padel, the Head brand needs no introduction. An expert in racket sports, the brand has been investing in padel for many years. Its adaptation is a worldwide success. It gradually established itself to become one of the most prestigious padel brands.

Represented at the highest level by the essential Sanyo Guttierez, Head has conquered an audience of passionate players thanks to high quality padel rackets, textiles, bags and padel accessories. This success, the result of significant investments and judicious partnerships, has allowed Head to gradually establish itself to become one of the best brands of padel rackets in the world.

At Padel Reference, we offer you all the rackets of the brand at the best price. Discover all Head products and enjoy a large catalog of rackets for all players and all tastes. 

What sensations with Padel Head rackets

It's hard not to find what you are looking for in the Padel Head racket collectionThe Austrian brand version Paddle tennis is rackets for all types of players and all levels. Are you an aggressive player looking for more power in every strike of the ball? Are you a tactical player looking for a manoeuvrable racquet with good control? You will find your happiness in the different ranges of Head rackets.

Thanks to the creation of distinct ranges, you will find your way around easily and choose your racquet according to your level of play. Head is willing to follow you in your progress with a range of racquets for each stage of your ascent to the highest point. level.

Head Flash rackets will accompany your debut with the Flash Woman, Flash and Flash ProThe Zéphir Padel rackets will be ideal to confirm your technical progress with the Zephir, the Zephir UL and the Zephir proThe Graphene 360 ​​Alpha line of racquets awaits you when you are ready to perform at a confirmed level

Top of the line technologies for its top of the line racquets

When you think of Head Padel racquets, you automatically think of the Gravity line. This racquet is the result of many years of innovation. The Gravity range for technical players is the combination of Graphene and Power foam, but the big news this year is the Auxetic construction. Integrating graphene on the surface and on the frame brings a better ball control and a tenfold power. The Power Foam rubber increases the comfort of the game and allows a good exit of the racket. The combination of the two makes for a champion racquet.

Auxetic constructions show a unique deformation compared to non-Auxetic constructions. Due to their internal properties, Auxetic constructions expand when a "pulling" force is applied and contract when compressed. The greater the applied force, the greater the Auxetic response.

The use of Graphene in the Gravity line of racquets is Head's unique touch. Its contribution is undeniable and increases stability and control for an outstanding quality. Simply the best of the Head brand!

For advanced and expert players alike, the Head Gravity Motion is widely appreciated. More maneuverable than the Gravity Pro, it will seduce you with its versatility. Maneuverable, precise and compact on defense; powerful and lively on offense, opt for the all in 1 with this high end racquet.

The Head Gravity Elite racquet completes this line. Designed for intermediate and advanced players with a good level of technique, it is surprisingly maneuverable. We recommend it for players who want to take their game to the next level without taking risks. A tennis player with a sufficiently high level of technique who is new to padel can also be tempted by this versatile and forgiving Head paddle.

Easy to handle and easy to learn, it will only support and confirm your level of play. It is a racquet that allows a good transition between a beginner and an advanced player.

With a reputation for excellence, Head Gravity paddle rackets also have a design that everyone can agree on. The 2023 collection is no exception with a clean and classy design that will delight any fan of the brand. 

Why start padel with the rackets from the Head Flash range?

Head accompanies your first hits on the ball and your first exchanges on the courts with the Flash range of rackets. These Paddle tennis palas are perfectly suited for casual players and beginner level players. They are light (10 grams less than a classic racquet) and easy to handle and have a pleasant contact with the ball. These are solid racquets with an Innegra frame and offer players a pleasant contact thanks to the flexible Power Foam. You want to offer a Head racket to a friend who is new to Paddle tennis, a racket from this range will be the ideal gift to get your foot in the stirrup.

On Padel Reference, the best prices for Padel Head rackets all year round

Buy your Head padel racket with confidence on our site specializing in the sale of Paddle Tennis equipment. A wide variety of rackets awaits you in our “padel rackets” area. Amateur or confirmed player, you will get your racquet in a few clicks and will be delivered quickly to your home or to a relay point. Do not hesitate to discover all our ranges in the padel racket section.

You want to discover other quality brands. We have a complete catalog of racket brands: Adidas, Babolat, Bullpadel, Nox, Royal Padel, Black Crown, Varlion, etc.

Padel bags to store all your Head equipment

On Padel Reference, you will find many references among the best Padel bags from the Head brand. You will find large bags with several compartments like the Head Alpha Sanyo Monstercombi bag, more practical bags like the Head Elite Supercombi padel bag, padel bags with an insulated compartment, backpacks etc. In short, whatever your desire, we have the bag you need.

For you, the choice of bag will depend on your playing frequency and the equipment you need during your Paddle Tennis games. Do not hesitate to consult us for more information.

Keep your Padel Head rackets in the best conditions

As we know, padel rackets degrade with wear and time. To allow the racket to extend its lifespan, it is important to store it in a dry place at a moderate temperature. Nothing like a Padel Head bag to protect your racquet as much as possible from the effects of the climate.

With Head of technical padel textile for optimal comfort

Do you want to equip yourself from head to toe at your favorite padel brand? No worries, we've got you covered.

Technical and anti-perspirant t-shirts, cotton T-shirts, paddle tennis shorts, jackets, skirts or tank tops we have all the paraphernalia of the passionate padel players.

Visit our "Head clothing" page and find the outfit of your dreams.

Increase your playing comfort with the Head padel T-shirts. Specialist in padel textiles, Head develops light and comfortable T shirts and tank tops. Thanks to the technical material, the moisture transfer is optimal for quick drying.

Head accessories to complete your equipment

As you probably know, the racket is not everything. It is possible to improve your playing conditions to become totally unfazed on the court. At Head you will find your happiness with a multitude of accessories to improve your comfort and increase your level of play.

Grips, overgrips, protectors, wrists, caps etcall our accessories for the practice of Paddle tennis await you on our shop. Do not hesitate to consult the accessories of the Head brand, but also many other quality brands on the accessories page of our site.

Which padel balls to choose between Head Pro and Head Pro S?

Impossible to miss the official sponsor ball of the World Padel Tour. Head balls represent a very large market share in 2021. Padel players who use the brand advocate their pleasant side and its presence on the WPT has something to do with it.

Head first developed the Heard pro padel ball, which is a heavier ball with lower pressure. It allows a smooth, slower game. It favors players who prioritize control over power. This type of ball is to be adopted in dry and sunny regions.

To meet the requirements of players and the professional circuit. Head then looked at designing a faster and more spectacular paddle tennis ball. The Head pro S was then born. It is lighter and harder with higher pressure. This ball is designed for play in wetter regions, near the sea for example. Powerful players love this ball for speeding up play for powerful play.

To be quite concrete, the Head Pro S ball will allow you to spike harder and pick up speed on your opponents while the Head Pro ball promotes control.

Whatever happens if your preference is for a slow game built with long rallies. Go for the Head Pro Padel ball. Conversely if you are looking for speed in the game and more performance. The Head pro S will be your traveling companion.

The Head Pro Ball for a successful start

If you are a beginner paddle tennis player, we advise you to turn to the Head Pro ball. It will initially allow to prolong the exchanges and to have fun on the court more quickly. The blows are slower and better controlled. This will help you progress serenely.

Once your level is confirmed, your technique in place, and your tactical sense sharpened, it will be easier for you to switch to use the Head Pro S ball. It will bring you more performance and satisfaction in the game.

Be careful though, the difference between the two types of balls is real and requires some adaptation time. Switching from the Head Pro to the Head Pro S, you risk sending some feedback and lob on the glass.

At Padel Reference, balls at the best price

On our site,, we offer you both types of balls at the best price online. Add one or more tubes of balls to your order.

If you are a passionate padel player, order a box of Head pro S or Head pro balls directly and take advantage of significant reductions.

To try your luck and win a year of Paddle tennis balls, visit our instagram. We regularly offer you the opportunity to win a Head Pro ball box.