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Bullpadel Padel Racket

A brand that does not go unnoticed!

Padel Référence, the 100% Padel  website, offers rackets from the Bullpadel brand, one of the most popular padel brands in the world.

Bullpadel is a neat design with bright and pleasant colors and above all quality padel rackets .

If you are a seasoned Padel player, you know it is difficult to remain indifferent to the charms of Padel Bullpadel rackets The Spanish brand redoubles its efforts every year to offer attractive padel rackets. So do not wait any longer to consult all the Bullpadel 2021 news .

Bullpadel rackets at the best price on Padel Reference

Padel Reference guarantees you padel equipment at the best price and Bullpadel brand products are no exception to this rule. At Padel Reference, we are aware that the purchase of padel rackets represents a significant budget. This is why we always place ourselves at the most advantageous price to promote our customers and the practice of Padel with quality equipment.

At Padel Reference, enjoy the comfort of fast delivery to your home or to a relay point. We offer different delivery options so that all you have to do is enjoy your equipment. We also take all precautions so that you receive your in the best conditions.

So go ahead, you can shop on our site with your eyes closed.

A brand at the forefront of new technology

Created in 1995 by enthusiasts, BullPadel quickly conquered an audience of specialists. 

Every year, Bullpadel, like all the great Padel brands, participates in the improvements and technical and technological progress of Padel rackets Bullpadel makes it a point of honor to stay at the cutting edge of technology to offer players the best playing conditions.

Recently, the Air React Channel technology on the Bullpadel Vertex range was developed by the development team. This technology makes the racket even more aerodynamic. An open channel has been integrated inside the racket for a more compact, agile and light feel. We therefore end up with snowshoes that are even more manageable while remaining solid and compact.

The Hesacore Bullpadel grip: an innovation that makes noise

The Bullpadel Hesacore grip was released a few years ago. It is a more rigid grip which is made up of many “panels” and which allows a firmer grip. Directly integrated on some rackets from the Hack and Vertex ranges, this grip is a real revolution in the world of Padel. It allows a safer grip and therefore a greater level of control. On the offensive phases, the grip allows you to hit the ball hard without losing the racket from your hands. Many padel players are fans of it and its use is now widespread across the world.

The Hesacore grip can also be purchased independently to land on any Bullpadel racket or racket from another brand. The installation of a Hesasore grip is quite intuitive, it is threaded through the end of the racket handle and replaces the grip of a padel racket.

The hesacore Bullpadel grip is representative of the brand's know-how and its knowledge of Padel.

We offer you this grip at the best internet price. You can check out all our grips, overgrips, cuffs, protectors etc. in the Padel accessories tab.

The Bullpadel Hack and Bullpadel Vertex ranges: the best of Padel

Are you more Maxi Sánchez or Paquito Navarro ?

The Padel Bullpadel Hack and Vertex rackets are positioned as the two most coveted ranges of the brand.

The Vertex range is represented by its star racquet: the Bullpadel Vertex 03 2021Maxi sanchez's racquet will offer you an undeniable gain in power. It is one of the rare racquets on the circuit that has the ability to make you shine with such efficiency. The 2021 version is a continuation. It is overpowered and even more responsive and manoeuvrable than previous versions. Heavy !

The Bullpadel Hack 02 2021Paquito navarro racquet is more versatile and will suit players looking for more balance in the game. Players wishing to minimize faults and who focus on building their point will therefore turn to to this great paddle tennis racket. In the field she will pay you back!

The Bullpadel Flow woman 2021 and Bullpadel Vertex Woman 2021: A real success with women

Among women, Padel Bullpadel 2021 rackets are unanimous. Two incredible rackets for two totally opposite styles.

First there is the Bullpadel Flow 2021 Alejandra Salazar's racquet A little gem of technology, don't be fooled by its look that goes everywhere. More discreet than some of the brand's models, it will seduce you with its versatility. It incorporates the Flow Force Bridge for more responsiveness and a multi Eva layer for more power and control. Do not hesitate to go to the racquet product sheet to find out more about this quality Padel racquet.

Then there is the new Bullpadel Vertex Woman 21 Lighter, very aesthetic and comfortable, this racquet for advanced players is very popular. To try it is to adopt it. Its diamond shape allows more power in the attacking game. Nevertheless, it keeps very good handling with a light weight and a comfortable touch.

In 2021, the racquet sports very feminine colors. She is completely pink!

Our opinion on Bullpadel Snowshoes

As you can see, we can only advise you to go for the Padel Bullpadel brand. It is a pure Padel brand that will not disappoint you. Rackets are developed by specialists and lovers of this incredible sport.

The Bulpadel brand is often considered a Padel brand for specialists This comes from the notoriety of high-end rackets like the Vertex, Vertex Woman and Vertex control as well as those of the Hack range.

Nevertheless, we realize that the rackets all offer good control and a good balance thanks to the quality materials used.

Also, the brand is developing a mid-range represented by the Bullpadel Wing 2021 as well as rackets for beginners with the Bullpadel Evo 2021.

Our advice for the tennis player who wants to get into padel

You are new to the Padel courts but you can count on an already sharp technique and physique. You can skip the steps and opt for the Bullpadel Hack comfort 2021 This racquet will allow you to start with quality equipment that will help you make the most of your technical level.


It will give you control and comfort without neglecting power thanks to its diamond shape. It is a technical racquet but pleasant to start in very good conditions.