Bullpadel Vertex 04 2024 Racket - Padel Reference
Bullpadel Vertex 04 2024 Racket - Padel Reference
Bullpadel Vertex 04 2024 Racket -Padel Reference
Bullpadel Vertex 04 2024 Racket -Padel Reference
Bullpadel Vertex 04 2024 Racket -Padel Reference

Bullpadel Vertex 04 2024 Racket

This is one of the flagship rackets in the Bullpadel 2024 collection. The Bullpadel Vertex 04 2024 is an incredibly powerful racket. 

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Your Bullpadel Vertex 04 2024 padel racket

With its diamond shape and head weight, the Bullpadel Vertex 04 combines the best of Bullpadel's technologies. This padel is designed for advanced to professional level players. Enjoy maximum power and follow Juan Tello's example by playing with this exceptional racket.

Technical description of the Vertex 04

Surface coating of the racket

Xtend Carbon 12K - Xtend Carbon 12K is used on the surfaces of the racket. Carbon fibre 12k ensures a very high level of performance and power thanks to greater rigidity and resistance. 

Topspin - Topspin technology on the surfaces of the Bullpadel Vertex 04 gives the ball more spin when you volley, smash or bajada, for example. Increase the performance of every shot thanks to the rough surfaces of the Vertex 04 2024.

Composition of the foam/core of the racket

MultiEva foam - The core of the racquet is made from MultiEva foam. This is a racket core designed from layers of different rigidity. It allows players to adapt better to the speed of the ball for maximum control.

Additional technologies

CURVAKTIV - This year, take advantage of the new CURVAKTIV, a double rigidity system in the frame that makes the racquet more resistant by limiting the risk of twisting and breaking.

Carbon Tube frame - The CarbonTube frame is 100% carbon fibre and gives the Bullpadel Vertex 04 2024 padel racket perfect stability and rigidity, while the Air React Channel structure consists of an aerodynamic frame. The Bullpadel Vertex 04 padel racket offers improved manoeuvrability, stability, agility and lightness for an exceptional performance. This technology allows you to string shots together quickly on both attack and defence.

Vibradrive -The Vibradrive system continues to absorb vibrations for maximum playing comfort. The Bullpadel Vertex 04 racquet also features the CustomWeight system. It allows you to modify the balance of the racket by adding weight to the head thanks to the Metalshield protector.

Hesacore - The Hesacore grip is the perfect accompaniment to this exceptional padel racket. The Hesacore grip provides a better grip when play speeds up, for even greater control.

Who is the ideal player for the Bullpadel Vertex 04 2024 ?

The Bullpadel Vertex 04 is aimed at advanced and expert players. A technical base is required to get the most out of this top-of-the-range racket. What's more, the racquet is designed to bring plenty of power to the game. It's ideal for players looking for explosive attacking strokes. A very durable racquet, it will suit regular players who play and train regularly. In short, you'll love this padel racquet if you're looking for a high-quality racquet that will give you perfect control and excellent attacking power. Or are you a player who needs more precision? Then this is the pala for you!

Do you like the Vertex range? Are you looking for a attack access racket? Then the Bullpadel Vertex 04 Ctrl is perfect for you! 

Design of the Bullpadel Vertex 04 24

The flagship of the Bullpadel 2024 collection, the Bullpadel Vertex 04 is back this year in red. The new version is therefore more colourful and lively than last year's. Once again this year, it's hard to fault the design of bullpadel rackets.

The Coach's Eye

With the Vertex 04 from Bullpadel, you're getting a top-quality padel racquet. The materials and technologies used make it one of the best rackets on the circuit for top-level performance. It's incredibly powerful and will allow the most technical players to get the ball out in x3 with ease. This is a racquet that's perfectly suited to an offensive profile.

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