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Head Racket Padel

Is it really necessary to present the brand and padel rackets HEAD?

Having become a real stronghold of world padel, the quality of the head equipment is no longer to be proven. Head Padel version is: exceptional padel palas, readable ranges adapted to all levels and iconic ambassadors.


Ever more efficient technologies


Head may be a multisport brand, make no mistake about it, its padel rackets are among the most sophisticated on the market. The brand is distinguished in particular by the use of Graphene with in particular Graphene 360 technology This greatly improves the resistance of each of its rackets.

The Austrian brand is also distinguished by the almost exclusive use of a flexible foam or “foam”. The aim of the brand is to produce comfortable, flexible and forgiving padel rackets and to minimize the impact of the game on the joints.


Padel Head rackets are produced with the greatest care. They are made to particularly high standards and take advantage of Head's design capabilities, vision and experience.

If, however, a problem with your Head equipment occurs, do not worry, the brand offers quality after-sales service and will not hesitate to replace the defective equipment.


Discover the new Head 2021 rackets on , get the Padel head rackets at the best price, with fast delivery. As always, we take care of the delivery with the utmost care. On the Padel Reference site, all Padel rackets are at the best internet price. Head brand rackets are no exception. So you can equip yourself with confidence.

You can also take advantage of payment facilities such as 2, 3 or 4 times free of charge.

Which representatives for the brand?


Of course, Head has surrounded himself with the best padel players to promote the brand. You have certainly seen a highlight of the incredible Sanyo Gutierrez one day on a post from Padel Magazine. Likewise, you may have seen the equally awesome Ariana Sanchez sporting the brand's colors. Other players like, Arturo Coello, Agustin Gutierrez, the French Joyan Bergeron Edu Alonso, and Paula Josemaria, have also made this choice.

Women's and mixed padel rackets


At Head, Women's Padel rackets and Mixed Padel rackets are in the spotlight. These models are generally lighter and more manageable. Some examples: The Flash Woman for beginners, the Zéphyr UL for intermediate players and the Head Graphene 360 ​​+ Alpha motion and Head Graphene 360 ​​+ Alpha Elite which are mixed racquets. Ariana Sanchez's padel racket, top player in the world, is none other than alpha motion.


To each padel player, his head padel racket 

The star range, Head Graphene Alpha rackets


With the Head Graphene 360+ Alpha rackets, the brand offers a complete range of padel rackets for intermediate to expert players. True flagship range of the brand, the 3 Alpha rackets deserve our attention. In the shape of a drop of water, these snowshoes are the success of the brand. This year, the sweet spot is enlarged for even more precision in the game.


The Head Alpha Elite is an intermediate level racquet, it is a very nice tool to progress in the best conditions. Handy and comfortable, it will undoubtedly take you a step further.


Players with a little more experience will look more to the Head Alpha Motion. This advanced level racquet is our favorite for the year 2021. High-end racquet its handling, its solidity and its playing comfort make it a balanced, efficient racquet and above all one of the most appreciated by good level players. .


You are looking for power above all else. Go for the Head Alpha ProThe Racquet Sanyo Gutierrez did not disappoint. Be careful though, a little experience is necessary to master it perfectly.

In summary, the HEAD Alpha range is: Rackets approved by many players and which offer real added value. Soft rackets but offering a fairly compact contact with the ball to control the game.


This year, the Head Alpha Graphene 360 ​​rackets feature a design that is unanimous. Black and white, they are like their representative Sanyo Guttierez: sober and classy. Admit it, they do not leave you indifferent ...

For intermediate players: the Head Graphene 360 ​​Zephir range


You are looking for a racket to pass a level or to confirm your progress. The Head Zéphir range is made for you. It will allow you, without breaking the bank, to access a range of padel rackets that are more qualitative and consistent in the game.

3 rackets are available to you:

The Head Zéphir 2021 in pink color, is intended for a female audience. Its lighter weight makes it a more maneuverable racquet.

The Head Zéphir UL (ultra light) completes the range with the target of players looking for extreme maneuverability, players with shoulder pain or juniors looking for a transition racquet.

Finally, the Head Zéphir Pro will be more powerful and more efficient. It is designed for intermediate to advanced players who are looking for a little more performance, without sacrificing control.

The perfect Head Flash 2021 range for a good start


You are at the very beginning of your journey in the world of Padel. Like many, you have many questions about the padel equipment to acquire to get started in good conditions. When you start padel, it is difficult to have a clear idea of ​​which padel racket will suit you best.

First of all, we advise you not to take any risks and to opt for a manoeuvrable and comfortable racket.

The Flash Range is then made for you. It will allow you to make the most of your first frenzied games.

Certainly, it is not the racket that will take you to the WPT final in the company of Sanyo Guttierez. Nevertheless, it will allow you to start calmly while waiting to evolve technically and tactically.

The flash range is available for different audiences. The Head flash 2021 is intended for men new to Padel. The Head Flash Woman 2021 racket is the feminine version of the range. It usually sports softer colors. This year, pink and blue are in the spotlight. Finally, the more technical Head Flash Pro is designed for players who already have a little technical background. Its heavier weight makes it a more efficient racquet.


The year 2021: year of confirmation for the Head brand


Around the world, the practice of padel or paddle tennis is evolving at an almost uncontrollable pace. For Head, the stakes are high: to remain in the club of the best brands of padel rackets. It is therefore a question of innovating year after year to offer the very latest technologies. This year, the Alpha range is causing a sensation with very high quality rackets.

This year our favorite is Alpha Motion and you?


HEAD is committed to ecology!


Since the beginning of 2021, the Head brand no longer offers a cover for its padel rackets. It is a real bias and a disruptive choice for the brand. Through this gesture, the Austrian brand shows its attachment to the environment and its desire to move towards an eco-responsible model. We can only approve and encourage this kind of initiative.

Other brands had already made this choice. In the coming years, therefore, we will most certainly have to source the HEAD racket bags independently.

Our opinion on Head Padel Rackets

These are rackets perfectly suited to the expectations of many players. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, you are bound to find what you are looking for in the Head 2021 collection. The ranges are readable and it is easy to find the racket that best suits your game and your expectations. Do not hesitate to consult the beginner padel rackets intermediate padel rackets and expert padel rackets on our site.

Our advice for the tennis player who wants to get into padel

You already have a successful technique thanks to many years on the tennis courts. You even grant yourself the right to climb from time to time on the fly to finish certain points. So your transition to Padel will only be easier. For you, we recommend the Head Graphene 360+ Alpha Elite padel racket. It is a racquet from the brand's “performance” range that will allow you a smooth transition thanks to a manoeuvrable and tolerant racquet.

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