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Nox Padel Racket

Nox, historic and popular padel rackets

Find on Padel Reference the padel brand NoxA historic Spanish brand recognized in the world of padel. It is a brand of very high quality which makes the happiness of many players of Padel. It succeeds in doing well in this ultra competitive market thanks to the sensations of playability and handling which are very popular. Represented at the highest level by very popular players like Agustin Tapia and Miguel Lamperti, X brand padel rackets are designed for all types of players: beginners, intermediate players and experienced players.

This year, innovation is once again at the heart of the new Nox 2021 padel racket collection. Find a wide choice, as every year, of high-end, mid-range or entry-level rackets. Round, teardrop or diamond shapes, quality materials that provide unparalleled strength and comfort, with an X-shaped design that does not go unnoticed.

You will understand it, whatever your level or your style of play. Nox padel necessarily has a racket for you.


At Padel Reference , we offer you all Nox Padel rackets at the best prices Do not hesitate to consult our Adidas Padel racket page to find the whole Nox Padel 2021 collection, the most popular models at incredible prices and the new 2021 padel rackets. Your padel racket is waiting for you, you can order, we we take care of everything. Fast delivery at home or in relay point, payment 3 times free of charge , we put everything in place to make your life easier.

If you have any doubts about your choice, we are at your disposal to help you find the Nox Padel racket that suits you.

Varied rackets for all levels and all types of players

On Padel Reference, you can choose the ideal padel racket among the ranges of the Nox brand such as Luxuries Series, Pro Cup, Serie Advance, Serie Casual, Ultra Light. Find racquets that meet your expectations. Powerful padel racket for some, control padel racket for others, choose from a large catalog of rackets.

The experience offered by the Nox brand guarantees durable and efficient rackets thanks to the use of the latest generation systems and technologies, recognized by the greatest padel players such as Miguel Lamperti.

The top of the range from Nox: iconic high-quality padel rackets

Nox has surrounded himself with the best WPT players like Miguel Lamperti with his iconic ML10 Pro Cup and Agustin Tapia with his famous AT10 New GeniusNox is also helping the development of women's padel, especially top players like Mapi and Majo Sanchez twins with their model MJ10 Gemelas Atomikas, and MP10 Gemelas Atomikas. In France, Nox is sponsoring the current French number 2 Léa Godallier who plays with the AT10 New Genius 2021.

The Star racquet from the Nox brand is of course the AT10 New Genius by Agustin Tapia Its 12k carbon structure and HR3 rubber provide a good compromise between power and control as well as very good durability New this year is its rough surface which allows more spin to be applied to the ball. This versatile padel racket, teardrop-shaped, will appeal to all types of players regardless of their level of play. It is a real mixed padel racket.

Among the historic high-end rackets at Nox, we inevitably find the ML10 range. The Nox ML10 PRO CUP padel racket was voted best quality / price ratio padel racket at the Paddelea Awards ”, the first social comparator of products for padel fans.

A true best-seller, the padel brand Nox offers several copies of the ML10 Pro Cup to satisfy lovers of this favorite racquet. This year we find the ML10 Perto , the ML10 Bahia , the ML10 Pro cup Black Rough Surface Edit and the women's model the ML10 Pro Cup Silver .

The no-show ML10 Pro Cup are described as strong, comfortable, versatile and durable, they can suit any type of player thanks to their maneuverability and balance. This racket is one of the bestsellers in padel!

The ML10 Bahia is an ultra versatile racquet thanks to its teardrop shape and its combination of HR3 Core rubber and a 3k fiberglass coating that brings power and control to all your shots. The fiberglass adds a very good feeling of comfort during each strike of the ball. Moreover Miguel Lamperti is playing this year with this model on the WPT circuit.

The Luxuries series range from Nox completes the brand's top-of-the-range rackets. Defined by rackets of high technical and solid quality, these are rackets intended for players of confirmed and expert levels. We find, among others, the MP10 and MJ10 Gemelas Atomikas The MP10 offers you more versatility and comfort thanks to its HR3 rubber and its 3k carbon coating If you are a more offensive player, you will like the MJ10, which is stiffer and more powerful, and equipped with Eva Black foam and 12k carbon coating which are high quality materials. For lovers of diamond shapes, Nox offers several models from the Luxuries series range. You will find the ML10 Shotgun , and the two Nox Titanium Carbon. the women's model is called the Nox Titanium Carbon 18k For Men, it will be the Nox Titanium Carbon 3k These are three rackets turned towards the attack for more offensive ball strikes. However, they remain manageable in the defensive phases.

Padel rackets Nox for intermediate players

You play padel regularly, and you are looking to take it to a new level. Nox has provided a selection of padel rackets made for you. Quality snowshoes that prioritize comfort while being technical. They will allow you to progress in the best possible way.

The Nox Equation WPT 2021 padel racket is the racket that has already proven itself in 2020. it is a round shaped racket, mainly access to control and maneuverability. This racket is made up of the best technologies, HR3 foam , which will allow a gain in power during your various ball strikes. The 3D surface will allow you to provide more effects in the shots. This is the ideal racket for intermediate players who want to get involved in padel. At Padel Reference we are sure that this racket will take you to the next level!

For women, the Nox Emotion WPT Advanced Series 2021 Padel racket is the ideal model to progress. Round in shape, it will make you more comfortable and regular. The different materials that compose it increase the durability of the racket. It is equipped with HR3 foam , which will bring more power and regularity to your game.

The Nox Drone 2021 Padel racket, round shaped racket, is comfortable and handy, it has been designed to facilitate grip and thus minimize mistakes. This racquet features a 70% carbon frame and 3K fiberglass surface It offers a very high resistance and a great durability of life. It is also composed of HR3 foam , which will provide optimal comfort. The Nox Drone will appeal to players looking for comfort, good feel and control.

One thing is for sure, if you want to progress and cross different levels in your game, while keeping maximum pleasure on the padel courts, these rackets are made for you. These are very good value for money rackets.

Padel rackets Nox for beginners and occasional players at a low price

You discover padel, and you wonder what is the padel material that will allow you to progress in the best possible way. When you start, it is difficult to have an idea of ​​the padel racket that will suit you best. At Padel Reference, we suggest you make a risk-free purchase. For your first padel racket, it is wise to favor a racket that will provide easy handling and comfort.

For Men the Nox X-One Casual Series

The Nox X-One is a round racquet, with a medium balance that will allow you to promote ball control. It is a racket made of quality materials, its faces in 3K fiberglass , its high density HR3 foam rubber will bring you a lot of comfort These different technologies will allow you to increase the durability of the racket. Very comfortable and manoeuvrable racquet, it is easy to play and will be perfect for a first purchase with a very affordable price.

For Women, the Nox Silhouette 6 Lady racket is made for you!

This round-shaped racquet , its medium balance will promote ball control Its frame is composed of 3K carbon surface , which will allow to offer a great resistance to wear, and to increase the durability of the racket. The racquet is also made of HR3 foam , this core provides more power as well as optimal comfort It is the ideal racquet for beginner padel players looking for fun on the padel court. The Nox Silhouette 6 Lady is an ideal racket for a first purchase at a very competitive price.

Our advice for your selection of Nox racket

If you are a beginner player , it may be a good idea to head for a padel racket with control and focus on handling. The aim is to discover and develop Padel good feeling during your first parties.Si you are an intermediate player , we recommend to opt into a versatile racquet in order to progress as quickly possible.Pour experienced players and Experts , we advise you to move towards a performance-oriented racquet, as you will find out, the Nox 2021 collection offers racquets for all levels and types of play.

Our opinion on Nox snowshoes

Padel rackets from the Nox brand are suitable for all player profiles. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, you will inevitably find what you are looking for in the Nox 2021 collection. The ranges are diverse, and it is easy to find the racket that best matches your game and your expectations.

If you are looking for Padel Nox rackets at the best price all year round, you have come to the right site. Padel Reference offers a complete catalog , you can choose your racket according to your needs. Padel Reference makes it a point of honor to deliver on time and is always available to answer your messages to advise you. Discover the new Padel Nox 2021 rackets and enjoy Padel Nox rackets at the best price on Padel Reference. Are you in a hurry to receive your padel equipment? Do not hesitate to order on our site, you will receive your racket as soon as possible .

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