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PADEL BALLS FOR ALL PLAYING STYLES is the 100% padel and 100% French site. It is the most prestigious brands at the best price. Find our catalog of padel balls on our online site. There you will find a wide choice of balls of different brands for all levels and for all playing conditions.

Whether you are looking for speed in your strikes and in your game or you prefer to favor good control during your ball strikes, on our site, you will find Padel balls adapted to each of your desires. All models are available. Models used on the World Padel Tour are also available.


Find your favorite brands of balls through our catalog of balls. We have taken care to choose the best brands of padel balls. At Padel Reference we offer HEAD padel balls, BABOLAT paddle tennis balls, ADIDAS padel balls, VARLION padel balls, BULLPADEL padel balls, NOX padel balls .. and many other brands of bullets. Choose from this wide range of brands on our online site and find the best prices on padel balls, on one or more tubes of balls as well as on our padel ball boxes at a very low price. All year round, Padel Reference offers inexpensive padel balls at the best price as well as promotions on boxes of balls so that you can enjoy your favorite activity in the best conditions.


Padel Reference is above all a team of experts and padel enthusiasts. We have all been regular players for several years which allows us to advise you on all the choices of padel equipment and in particular padel balls. Indeed, there are different types of balls, which all have their particularity, allowing to adapt to different types of players as well as to playing conditions (indoor, outdoor, slow, fast ...). contact. We will be delighted to be able to share our expertise with you and advise you in the best possible way to direct you to the most judicious purchase.


Be careful not to come and play Padel with tennis balls! These sports look similar with the same net and lines. The balls are therefore very similar but the characteristics are different when you look more closely. Padel is a racquet sport where you can bounce the balls off the windows. It therefore has its own specific balls that should not be confused with tennis balls at the risk of damaging your racquet very quickly. Indeed, the tennis ball has more pressure than the padel ball. It is therefore more inflated which will damage the coating and foam of the racquet more quickly with each impact. However, the padel ball has a bit more bounce than the tennis ball. This superior bounce allows you to play with the characteristics of this sport, namely that the balls bounce off the windows or on the walls of padel courts.

It is therefore important to be well equipped with a specific ball for the practice of padel. These “softer” balls will ensure good contact with the racquet. Less hard, it also guarantees you less vibrations when typing. You will therefore gain in playing comfort and you will avoid recurring arm injuries. Knowing this difference between padel balls and tennis balls will therefore allow you to start with the right choice of ball, which will give you the best sensations on the court.

Do not hesitate to get closer to your club or to contact us directly, we will be happy to advise you.



At first glance, when you start padel, you do not ask yourself too many questions about the choice of balls to use. It also depends on the balls available in the club where you play. Most clubs will only offer a single brand of padel balls and even a single reference of this brand. However, there is a large number of different padel balls. Each brand features bullet tubes that provide unique sensations when hitting. The most famous and played balls in the padel world are Head Pro balls and Head Pro S padel balls. We can also mention the Babolat Padel + and Babolat Padel Tour padel balls. The Adidas brand offers an Adidas Speed ​​RX padel ball. At Bullpadel you will find the Bullpadel Premium Pro padel ball. Nox also offers padel balls, the Pro Titanium. You will also find the Varlion Summun Pro S and Varlium Summum Pro W padel balls.

So a choice! The choice that requires having some advice and notions on the different padel balls to move towards the balls that will suit you best. The choice will be made according to your level of play but also according to the playing conditions of the ground on which you play and environmental conditions especially the temperature. For this you will have the choice between two main types of balls. The choice of brand is yours.


Besides the different brands of balls, which each have a unique feel when hitting the ball, there are two types of padel balls on the market today.

Each of the two balls is intended for a specific type of player and specific playing conditions. What will follow is not an absolute truth but represents the feedback from padel players for several years as well as the communication of brands.

Padel balls for beginners / casual players and / or fast playing fields.


Padel brands offer, for players who are new to padel, with average technique, or who play occasionally, padel balls geared towards playing comfort, precision and ball control. These balls have more felt on the surface. Indeed, the bristles of these padel balls are longer which allows a better grip of the ball in the racket. It will therefore be easier for beginner players to understand the contact between the ball and the racquet. In addition, these balls will slow down the game with a slower and lower rebound providing a feeling of enjoyment and appreciable control for beginners and occasional players. These padel balls can also be used for all types of players to compensate for fast playing conditions. Generally, they are used in the summer when high temperatures accelerate the game or on courts that have a carpet coating quickly. They therefore allow you to keep control in fast playing conditions that do not require adding speed. If you recognize yourself in this category, here are some padel balls to go to: Head Pro balls, Babolat Padel + balls, Varlion Summum Pro W balls.

Padel balls for experienced players and / or slow playing fields.


For experienced players with good technique who play regularly, the brands have designed padel balls geared towards playing speed, to finish points more easily and thus compensate for the latest generation carpets which slow down the game. less felt on the surface. Indeed, the bristles of these padel balls are shorter which results in a faster ball exit on impact with the racket. There is therefore less control and more speed of play which corresponds well to the players of confirmed types with a good technique to compensate for the loss of control. These padel balls can also be used for all types of players to compensate for slow playing conditions. Generally, they are used in winter when low temperatures slow down the game. They therefore allow you to maintain speed in slow playing conditions which require additional speed. If you recognize yourself in this category, here are some padel balls to go to: Head Pro S balls, Babolat Padel Tour balls, Varlion Summum Pro S balls, Adidas Speed ​​RX balls, Bullpadel Premium Pro balls.



This is of course an aspect to which we are all sensitive, whether for economic or ecological reasons A padel ball, by definition, is already less inflated than a tennis ball. Its pressure therefore decreases much more quickly over exchanges and ball strikes. The harder you hit the ball, the more effect you put in your strikes, the longer the rally, the faster the pressure of the padel ball decreases and the less the life of the ball will be important.

Therefore, the lifespan of your padel ball tube varies depending on your level of play and your expectations regarding the performance of your balls.

Beginner / occasional players will be able to keep the same balls for several weeks because their first desire is to discover the padel in short exchanges without effects. The pressure of the padel ball is less important in their practice. The performance of the ball takes a back seat.

For regular mid-level players, ball performance begins to increase in value, rallies take longer and spin can also decrease padel ball pressure more quickly. Usually a padel ball tube for this kind of player can last a few games (plus or minus 5).

Very good level players who are looking for a high performance for their padel ball and efficiency in their shots, will prefer new balls, at optimal pressure, or having played a maximum game. For this kind of player who plays several times a week, the padel ball budget can be expensive.

To avoid changing bales too often, a solution has been around for some time: bale pressurizers.

Padel balls lose their liveliness fairly quickly as they gradually lose their pressure. The rubber of the padel ball being porous, it is possible by subjecting them to an external pressure to "re-inflate" them.

This is what the Pascal Box offers with its pressurization system. Thanks to a simple system consisting of a sealed box and a pump to increase the pressure inside the box, the balls "re-inflate" in less than 12 hours! An ideal solution for players with regular practice and high demands. It will allow you to make big savings while keeping the padel balls in an acceptable pressure.


On Padel Reference, we offer you another solution if you want to play regularly with new padel balls. A smarter, less expensive purchase that will allow you to always have a new tube of balls under your elbow. Indeed, on our online site, we offer boxes of 24 tubes of balls. Receive balls that will accompany you most of the year and save money. Do not hesitate to order a box of balls among those offered on our site such as the Head Pro, Head Pro S, Babolat Padel + box of balls and Share it with your playing partners and / or opponents.



Do not hesitate to order on Padel Reference, the reference for selling Padel articles online. As a padel specialist, we make it a point of honor to deliver to you as soon as possible. We take care of your equipment to guarantee you satisfaction upon receipt. Whether it is for a tube of balls, several tubes or even a box of padel balls, we make every effort to deliver quality products to you as quickly as possible under optimal conditions.