Starvie Kraken 2022 Racquets
Starvie Kraken 2022 Racquets
Starvie Kraken 2022 Racquets
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Starvie Kraken 2022 Racquets

Discover the new Starvie Kraken, a racket from the 2022 collection, which stands out for its flashy design. Its teardrop shape is perfect for players who wish to play a more aggressive game, as its weight is slightly at the head of the racket, it is a racket intended for advanced players. A light, maneuverable and comfortable racquet, the Starvie Kraken helps with fast movement and improves the feel of the defense.
The Starvie Kraken padel features a new 26mm mould and a vibrant design. 


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It features a Tubular Bicarbon frame with carbon reinforcements, while the medium density rubber core provides the balance needed for power and control.

The padel is equipped with Stiffness technology in the core, which optimises the balance of the racket and offers greater rigidity.

One of the new features of this model is that the handle is 0.5 cm longer for a more comfortable two-handed grip.

The racquet is also equipped with the extra sweet-spot, a technology applied to the blade tube that generates a large sweetspot that offers good feel and better control of your shots.

Who is the ideal player for this racquet ?

This padel is designed for players with a high level of technique who are looking for precision. This model offers good maneuverability as it allows for faster strokes. The Starvie Kraken offers good feel on defense and volleying. To take advantage of the racquet's potential, it is interesting to have a dynamic and physical profile.

The design of this padel racket 

The design of this racket offers a modern and flashy style, in black with nice grey details and the Starvie logo in green. Enjoy an original racquet with a spectacular design.

Coach's eye

With the Starvie Kraken, enjoy a control padel. The strength of this model is the versatility it can offer. Its teardrop shape and head weight will allow you to get more power and play a more aggressive game.

In addition to the power, the Starvie Kraken racquet will bring maneuverability to your game, thanks to its carbon fiber composition which brings extraordinary stiffness to the racquet and excellent precision in your ball striking. It allows you to finish a point at the net after a great defense!

If you are looking for more stiffness and power, check out the Starvie Kraken Pro. You may find that this is an even more offensive racquet for you!

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