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The Nerbo WPT 2023 racket is one of the official padel rackets of the World Padel Tour 2023. It combines power and control which provides constant control for an extraordinary performance. This diamond-shaped padel racket has a balance at the head of the racket.    

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In terms of technology, the NOX Nerbo WPT Luxury Series 2023 padel racket has a core made up of several layers of EVA foam. The " Multilayered Black EVA " system offers greater rigidity, for players who like to feel the ball with every strike. It also gives more control and power to the ball.       

On the surface, the Nox Nerbo WPT 2023 padel racket uses an 18k carbon fiber coating as well as a 100% carbon frame . This 100% carbon combination offers great stiffness to the racquet for maximum strength and power. 

Its rough finish on its surface will allow the player to increase the spin in each of your strikes.      

The Nox Nerbo WPT Luxury Series 2023 padel racket has many additional technologies. To begin with, it consists of lateral shock absorbers which are integrated into the structure of the racket. To allow it a better general solidity. Coupled with the Dynamic Composit Structure technology which improves the bonding of materials , the Nerbo WPT Luxury Series 2022 is much less fragile and therefore more durable over time.  

We find on this padel racket the AVS anti-vibration system which reduces the vibrations which are transmitted to the arms of the players, and therefore reduce the risk of injury.      

The “oversize grip” technology , used on the NERBO WPT 2023 , gives it a longer handle which gives a better grip for the player.  

The big novelty for 2023 at Nox is at the level of the strap . The new Smartstrap system is integrated into the racquet, it allows easy replacement of the strap without losing the warranty of the racquet.      

Finally, the Nox Nerbo WPT 2023 racket has the “Testea Padel” certification which confirms the durability and quality of the racket. Indeed the racket has passed a series of laboratory tests to be sure that the frame, the faces and the frame are resistant.   


Who is the ideal player for the Nerbo WPT 2023 racket

The Nox Nerbo WPT 2023 is a high quality padel racket designed for experienced and expert level players looking for optimum control and power in their game. Very solid padel racket, it is ideal for practicing players. intensive padel.    

Let yourself be seduced by this padel racket with its assertive and offensive character, it will make you a real bomber during your attacks such as smashes.


New Design Nox Nerbo WPT 2023

Let yourself be seduced by the new design of the Nerbo WPT 2023. Composed of a powerful and dominant black color with some notes of red.


Nox: The 100% Spanish padel brand

Nox is a Spanish brand that is recognized around the world. It is especially famous for its very high quality. Nox has been able to adapt to all player profiles. The padel brand NOX has succeeded in satisfying padel players with unparalleled sensations of playability and maneuverability.  

Foam/core composition

The Padel Nox Nerbo WPT series 2023 racket is made of high-density HR3 foam with a fast memory effect that provides a noticeable power gain.

Surface coating

The surface is made with 12K technology. With a lower weight, 12k carbon is stiffer and offers a good balance between control and power.

Additional technologies

DCS Dynamic Composite Structure Technology - This new technology that slightly extends the racket frame on the surface helps to better protect the racket and avoid carbon fiber cracks.

Rough Surface - Raquette with rough surfaces for maximum effect in each shot.

HR3 Core - High-density foam with shape memory that fits your game and brings significant power on every shot.

Carbon frame - Using a carbon frame gives the racket a better robustness for superior durability.

AVS - Absorbs some of the vibrations. Allows to spare his elbow in particular.

Important features

Level: Advanced / Expert

Weight: 360-375g

Width: 38mm

Frame: 100% Carbon

Surface: Carbon

Moss: HR3 core EVA Dense

Shape: Diamond

Surface coating: Carbon 12k

Data sheet

Advanced / Expert
Intermediate / Advanced




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