Head Speed Pro X 2023 Racket
Head Speed Pro X 2023 Racket
Head Speed Pro X 2023 Racket
Head Speed Pro X 2023 Racket
Head Speed Pro X 2023 Racket
Head Speed Pro X 2023 Racket
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  • -€190.10

Head Speed Pro X 2023 Racket

An ultra-offensive racquet, it perfectly represents the balance between power and control thanks to the presence of 12k carbon on the surface. The ideal racquet for expert players who want to improve their on-court performance.

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Your Padel Head Speed Pro X 2023 racket

The Head Speed Pro Perhaps the most powerful racket on the market! Compared to the head Speed pro, the Speed Pro X is 5 grams heavier with slightly more head weight! It is also stiffer in full carbon which gives it more control.

Composition Core

The head Speed Pro X racket is made of the essential “Power Foam” at its core. This historic "soft" foam from the Austrian brand Head guarantees you a very comfortable touch while giving you great speed in your ball strikes. The result is worth the detour!

Covering / Frame

The Head Speed Pro X model is full carbon, more precisely 12K carbon on both sides. The 12K carbon fiber will add rigidity and resistance to the racket to gain precision, power and durability. This is the big difference in terms of sensation with the Speed Pro which is more flexible and more tolerant.

New for 2023! The frame of this new Head Speed Pro X uses "Graphene Inside". Graphene Inside technology is the new adaptation of graphene material. It is methodically placed in the frame and on the surfaces of the racket to optimize the performance of the material. Derived from carbon, graphene provides maximum stability and optimizes energy transfer from the blade to the ball.

Additional technologies

Auxetic: New for 2023 Use of Auxetic materials which expand when stretched which improves the responsiveness of the racket upon impact with the ball

Soft Buttcap: New for 2023, this soft buttcap technology is an addition of shock-absorbing rubber to the handle of the racket.

Smart Bridge technology was developed to allow the racket to adapt to the user's playing style.

The Skin Padel anti-shock system, a technology unique to Head, creates additional protection against shocks, to minimize the consequences over time of shocks and limit scratches.

The ideal hitting zone is optimized thanks to "Optimized Sweet Spot" technology for a good adaptation of the racket to its player.

Who is the ideal player for the Head Speed Pro X ? 

The Head Speed Pro X padel racket is aimed at advanced and expert players looking for an extreme combination of control and power. Padel racket of very high level of performance, once tamed, it will return it to you on the court.

If you are looking for more flexibility and playing comfort while maintaining power, the Speed Pro version from Head is made for you!

The Coach's Eye

With the Head Speed Pro X, you get a very ultra powerful Padel racket. Not easy to handle due to its weight at the head, however I find it ideally suited for attack and finishing shots.

Offensive racket with a high balance and a weight of 375g, it will be a formidable weapon and feared by your opponents. The finishing touches will no longer hold any secrets for you!

The design of this Padel racket

The Head Speed Pro X racket has a dark design between anthracite and black with small touches of copper. This sober and sparkling color combination gives the Head Speed Motion racket an elegant and high-end look.

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