Nox X-One Evo Racket Red 2023
Nox X-One Evo Racket Red 2023
Nox X-One Evo Racket Red 2023
Nox X-One Evo Racket Red 2023
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Nox X-One Evo Racket Red 2023

The round-shaped X-One Evo Red 2023 racquet has a low balance that favors ball control. This versatile padel racket combines control and maneuverability.

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Your Nox X-One Evo Red Racket 2023

Its frame is 20% carbon and fiberglass. The Nox X-one Evo Red racket features HR3 core technology, a memory foam core. The core of the Nox X-one Evo Red racket is made of HR3 core technology, a memory foam that accelerates recovery, giving the racket greater hitting power.

Technical specifications of the Nox X-One Evo Red Padel racket

Racquet surface coating 

3K fiberglass - interwoven fibers with a slightly heavier weight for greater durability over time

Rough surface - A padel racket with rough surfaces for maximum spin on shots.

Foam composition/racket core 

HR3 Core - High-density HR3 foam with rapid memory effect for a noticeable increase in power on every shot.

Additional technologies 

Smart strap - Allows easy strap replacement without losing the warranty of the paddle.

Carbon frame - The use of a Carbon frame gives the racket greater robustness for superior durability.

Dynamic Composit Structure technology - Improves the bonding of materials, making the racket much less fragile and therefore more durable over time

Who is the ideal player for the X-One Evo 2023? 

The Nox X-One Evo Red 2023 is a versatile padel racket offering good control and precision. It's designed for beginner to intermediate players. It will help you develop your technique and take your game to the next level. In short, this racquet offers excellent value for money. It's powerful, fun and easy to handle.

Important characteristics

Level: Beginner-Intermediate
Weight: 360-375g
Width: 38mm
Frame: 20% carbon
Foam: HR3 CORE
Shape: Round
Surface coating: 3K fiberglass

Data sheet

Intermediate / Advanced







Bas (manche)

Slightly rough