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NOX AT10 Genius 12K by Agustin Tapia 2024 Racket

The AT10 Genius 12K by Agustin Tapia padel racket has a teardrop shape, medium weight and balance, making it a high-quality racket for experienced players. Powerful and manoeuvrable at the same time, the Agustin Tapia padel racket can be defined in one word: Versatility!

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Your AT10 Genius 12K Padel racket by Agustin Tapia

The notable difference between the AT10 Genius 12K and the AT10 Genius 18k lies in the composition of the racquets' surface. The AT10 Genius 12K has less carbon on the surface, making it slightly softer at impact than the AT10 Genius 18K. A slightly more comfortable racquet, but slightly less powerful than the 18K.

The softer AT10 12K can be considered for use in winter, while the AT10 18K is better suited to warmer conditions.

Technical description of the AT10 Genius 12K by Agustin Tapia 2024

Racquet surface coating

Thanks to Dynamic Composit Structure technology, the AT10 Genius 12K Padel is much less fragile and therefore more durable over time. 

For lovers of rigid power, the 12K carbon surface will delight you. It generates a return of force and very good power without neglecting good control at ball impact.

The rough 'sandblasted' surface gives you more spin on your shots. Like Agustin Tapia, try your hand at magical shots with this superior spin grip.

Composition of the AT10 Genius 12K sponge

You don't change a winning team! For the foam inside the AT10 Genius 12K racket, the Spanish brand Nox has opted for MLD Black Eva technology. It's a memory foam that helps the racket regain its shape, giving it greater hitting power. 

Additional technologies

This racket also features "oversize grip" technology, with a longer handle for a better grip.

Its pulse anti-vibration system absorbs the maximum amount of vibration caused by off-centre shots. The vibrations transmitted to players' arms are therefore absorbed, reducing the risk of injury. 

Nox's new innovation this year is the Smartstrap wrist strap system. The strap is easily detached and can be replaced when worn, or with another of the strap models developed by Nox. All in all, this system improves hygiene and safety without losing the guarantee of the racket.

The racket has been awarded 'Testea Padel' certification, which confirms its durability and quality. In fact, the racket has undergone a series of laboratory tests to make sure that the frame, faces and mounting are resistant.

Who is the ideal player for the AT10 Genius 12K Agustin Tapia 2024?

This Padel is designed for advanced to professional level players who are looking for versatility and manoeuvrability in their game. Its medium weight and balance will also suit good level female players. If you're looking for versatility, go for it! Softer than its big sister, the AT10 Genius 18K, it's more comfortable to play.

Nox AT10 Genius 12K design: two sides in different colours

The design of this racket was created with the help of the world's number 1 player, Argentine Agustin Tapia.

The predominant surface colour is grey. What's new is the colour change between white and blue from one side of the racket to the other.

The Nox X in the middle of the racket is once again evident.

NOX: The 100% Spanish padel brand

Miguel Lamperti and Agustin Tapia's famous Spanish brand is renowned throughout the padel world for its high quality. The rackets are suitable for all player profiles. Nox has succeeded in differentiating itself thanks to its playability and manoeuvrability, which appeal to beginners and professionals alike.

Key features

Level: Advanced/Expert
Weight: 360-375g
Width: 38mm
Frame: 100% Carbon
Foam: MLD Black Eva
Shape: Water droplet
Surface coating: Carbon 12k

Data sheet

Advanced / Expert




carbone 12k



Rough / Sandy