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Padel Racket BABOLAT Technical Viper 2021
  • Padel Racket BABOLAT Technical Viper 2021
  • Padel Racket BABOLAT Technical Viper 2021
  • Padel Racket BABOLAT Technical Viper 2021
  • Padel Racket BABOLAT Technical Viper 2021

Padel Racket BABOLAT Technical Viper 2021

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Your Padel racket :

Padel Babolat Technical Viper 2021's racket is Diamond-shaped. This is THE PRECISION racket in the Viper range. Its drilling plan is perfectly suited to its diamond shape to allow you to make the most of every ball strike. The Technical Viper proves one thing: Explosiveness and Precision can coexist! 

Who is the ideal player for this racket ?

The Babolat Technical Viper racket is aimed at Padel players who play with precision in both the offensive and defensive phases. Are you a true metronome who likes to direct the game and use technique and strength to jeopardize the opposing tactics? Then this racket is for you. Make the most of your vision of the game with this new high-quality Padel racket!

Coach's eye

I was expecting power when I tested the Juan Lebron Technical Viper and I was not disappointed! A true finishing racquet, it excels at high volleys and 3 way smashes! Thanks to its medium weight, it remains maneuverable and precise. 

A powerful and stiff paddle, I would recommend this one to players with a good level of technique who will be able to handle it and appreciate all its firepower! 

Foam/core composition

BABOLAT uses a succession of 3 different EVA layers with sandwich layout for the Padel Air Viper racket. The two outer layers, which are denser, provide explosiveness on the strong strokes, while the more flexible inner layer gives more tolerance to the Pala.

Surface coating

This racket has a woven carbon fiber or Carbon 12K. The woven carbon is ideal for giving explosiveness and precision to the racket.

Additional technologies

Holes Pattern System: A plan of holes reworked around the snowshoe's Sweetspot for a better power sensation and a gain in accuracy, especially on service returns.

3D Sin - Spin 3D technology - incorporates reliefs and rough surfaces on the racket to increase the effect and feel of control tenfold.

Vibrating System: Babolat stands out for its use of a new elastomer material associated with graphite in the racket core. This combination provides an ideal playing comfort but above all greatly reduces the risk of injury.

Important features

Level: Intermediate / Advanced / Expert

Weight: 365g

Width: 38mm

Frame: 100% Carbon

Moss: 3 x EVA

Shape: Diamond

Surface coating: Carbon fiber 12K

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