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Racket ML10 Bahia Luxury Series 2022


Your ML10 Bahia Luxury Series 2022 racket     

The Nox ML10 Bahia luxury racquet is an exceptional racquet. It will undoubtedly help you to pass a course. This padel racket is teardrop shaped which gives it great versatility. The weight distribution is intermediate so slightly at the head of the racket. With the Nox ML10 Bahia Luxury series, find power and precision in a single racket to the delight of complete players. Its striking surface is composed of a rough finish which facilitates striking with effect and improves the efficiency of the shots. The ML10 racket Bahia is also equipped with a carbon frame which gives it more rigidity and robustness.

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The core of the Nox racket is composed of HR3 core technology , this memory gum accelerates the recovery of form giving the racket greater power during each strike of the ball.    

The surface of the ML10 Bahia racket is made of 12k carbon fiber . The 12k carbon fiber gives the racquet great power. In addition, this racquet surface offers better resistance, durability and rigidity, but above all a maximum of power.        

The pala has “ oversize grip” technology , giving it a longer handle which gives you a better grip. 

Nox innovates this year by creating a new replaceable strap system. “ Smartstrap ” technology is integrated into the racquet. It improves hygiene and safety without losing the warranty of the racket.     

Thanks to the Dynamic Composit Structure technology which improves the bonding of materials, the Bahia racket is much less fragile and therefore more durable over time.   

The AVS anti-vibration system absorbs the maximum amount of vibrations caused by off-center hits and transmitted to the players' arms. This therefore greatly reduces the risk of injury. 

The ML10 Bahia has an AVS anti-vibration system which absorbs the maximum amount of vibrations caused by off-center hits and transmitted to the players' arms. This therefore greatly reduces the risk of injury.   

It has the “ Testea Padel” certification which confirms the durability and quality of the racket. In effect the racket spent laboratory a series of tests in order to be sure that the frame, the faces and the frame is resistant.     

For history, the name of the ML10 Bahia Luxury Series 2022 racket is special. It was given in homage to the city of Bahia in Spain, dear to Miguel Lamperti.       

Who is the ideal player for ML10 Bahia?  

The padel racket is designed for intermediate or even professional players looking for control and power. The ML10 Bahia is the ultimate all-round racquet. If you want a racquet that is equally manoeuvrable both from the baseline as well as close to the net, the ML10 Bahia is for you!      

Design of the Nox ML10 Bahia  

Succumb to the charm of the ML10 Bahia pala . Black is the dominant color of the racket, we once again find the metallic X characteristic of the brand with rainbow reflections. The design of the ML10 Bahia padel racket is sober and classy like its contribution to the field.      

Nox : The 100% Spanish padel brand   

The famous brand of padel equipment is recognized in the world of padel. Indeed, Nox is renowned for the very high quality of its products. Rackets are suitable for all player profiles. Nox managed to pull out of the game thanks to the sensations of playability and maneuverability which are very popular with many players.      

The eye of coach

The racket ML10 Bahia in 2022 is a bias for versatility. With this racket of the range luxury, opt for a complete racket that you will shine in all areas of the game. A stable and maneuverable in defense and attack power, this racquet fits all phases of play. Personally, I have found that it also brings very good precision in the game thanks to the 12k carbon fiber. It is a real racquet for versatile players. Opt for this exceptional racket with an attractive price-quality ratio.

Foam/core composition

The Padel NOX Bahia Luxury Series racket consists of high-density HR3 Core foam with a fast memory effect that provides a significant power gain.

Surface coating

The new Bahia Luxury Series racket is made with 3K Fiber Glass technology. Intertwined fibers with slightly higher weights that guarantees better durability over time.

Additional technologies

DCS Technology - This new technology that slightly extends the frame of the racket on the surface helps to better protect the racket and avoid cracking the carbon fiber.

Rough Surface - Raquette with rough surfaces for maximum effect in each shot.

HR3 Core - High-density foam with shape memory that fits your game and brings significant power on every shot.

Carbon frame - Using a carbon frame gives the racket a better robustness for superior durability.

AVS - Absorbs some of the vibrations. Allows to spare his elbow in particular.

Important features

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Weight: 360-375g

Width: 38mm

Frame: 100% Carbon

Surface: Glass fiber

Moss: HR3 core 

Shape: Tears

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