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  • Padel Racket BULLPADEL Vertex 03 CTR 2021
  • Padel Racket BULLPADEL Vertex 03 CTR 2021
  • Padel Racket BULLPADEL Vertex 03 CTR 2021

Padel Racket BULLPADEL Vertex 03 CTR 2021

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Your padel racket 

The Bullpadel Vertex 03 CTR is a racket that gives you great control. Its rough Topspin surface provides more spin on the ball. It is made of a Xtend Carbon 12K coating, MultiEva foam and a CarbonTube frame made of 100% carbon fibre.

Very manoeuvrable, it is appreciated by most players. The Vibradrive system absorbs vibrations for maximum comfort. The CustomWeight system allows the player to modify the balance of the racquet. Racquet used by WPT player Fede Chingotto.

Who is the ideal player for this racquet ? 

The Bullpadel Vertex 03 CTR is a racquet for advanced to expert players. Its round shape will give you more control on your shots. Are you a player looking for precision? This is the racquet for you!

Do you like the Vertex range? And you are looking for a racket with a lot of power?  Then the Bullpadel Vertex 03 2021  is the right choice for you! 

The Coach's Eye

With the Bullpadel Vertex 03 Ctrl, you get a very accurate and easy to play padel. I was particularly impressed with the maneuverability and control it provides in all types of court situations. 

A mixed racquet with a medium weight and balance, I found it perfectly suited to players of all levels looking for control. I recommend it with my eyes closed!

Foam / core composition :

The "MultiEva" foam, new in 2020 which constitutes the heart of this racket is a new association of 2 layers of different densities. The outer layer is a more compact rubber that reacts better against fast balls for better power. The softer inner layer allows for better control of slower balls.

Additional technologies :

Metashield Protector - This protector built into the racquet is made of aluminum alloy. It protects the profile of the racket from the impacts of the walls.

CustomWeight - These are aluminum plates that are placed in the compartments of the Metashield protector. It is possible to modify its plates of 3 grams in order to adapt the racket according to its needs.

Hesacore - The Hesacore 3D bee grip allows for greater contact between the handle and the hand. The fingers can thus rest without straining on the handle also reducing the transmission of vibrations and the injuries.

Xtend Crabon 12K - Xtend Carbon fiber are bi-directionally interlaced carbon bands. This technology provides greater rigidity as well as greater resistance. But also a weight less than 20 to 30% compared to that of ordinary carbon fiber.

Vibradrive System - Implantation of a super elastic rubber in the center of the handle which absorbs most of the vibrations, especially when the blow is off-center.

Important features :

Weight: 365 - 380 grams

Size: 38mm

Weight Distribution: Low

Shape : Round

Players: Advanced - Expert

Surface coating: XT-Carbon-12K

Foam: Multieva

Protector: Aluminum CW

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