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NOX ML10 Perto Padel Racket
  • NOX ML10 Perto Padel Racket
  • NOX ML10 Perto Padel Racket
  • NOX ML10 Perto Padel Racket

NOX ML10 Perto Padel Racket

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The Padel Nox ML10 Luxury Perto is the new racket developed with Miguel Lamperti. Inspired by the round shape of the luxury L6 control and made with the HR3 foam that players love so much, this racquet is simply incredibly versatile.

Its 12K carbon fiber offers a good balance between power and control. The ML10 Luxury Perto is a very advanced player's racquet with materials for durability and an anti-vibration system for added comfort.

Who is the ideal player for this racquet ?

The ML10 Luxury Perto padel is designed for intermediate and advanced players looking for versatility and comfort. Pleasant on defence as well as on offence, it will appeal to a wide range of players.

Foam/core composition

The NOX ML10 Perto padel is made of high-density HR3 Core foam with a fast memory effect that provides a noticeable gain in power.

Surface coating

The new ML10 Perto racket is made with 12K Carbon technology. Interwoven fibers with a slightly higher weight that guarantees a better durability over time.

Additional technologies

DCS Technology - This new technology slightly extends the frame of the racquet on the surface to better protect the racquet and prevent cracking of the carbon fibre.

Rough Surface - A racket with rough surfaces for maximum spin on every shot.

HR3 Core - High density foam with memory that adapts to your game and provides plenty of power on every shot.

Carbon frame - The use of a carbon frame gives the racquet greater strength for longer life.

AVS - Absorbs some of the vibration. Allows you to save your elbow.

Important features

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Weight: 360-375g

Width: 38mm

Frame: 100% Carbon

Surface: Carbon fiber

Foam: HR3 core 

Shape: Round

Data sheet

Surface material
Carbon fiber
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