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Head Padel shoes

After skiing and tennis, the famous Austrian brand has therefore decided to embark on Padel. It contains all the equipment necessary for the practice of Padel and a large part of it is available on our site Rackets, outfits, bags everything is there, but what will interest us are their padel shoes. Indeed, HEAD is one of the market leaders and offers quality shoes. To go into more detail, here are 3 pairs of HEAD Padel shoes that you can find on

Which Padel Head shoes to choose?

Looking for a fast shoe? Race on the SPRINT TEAM 3.0!

This new 2021 shoe is a comfortable, light and particularly effective padel shoe on clay that players and coaches will love to wear off the court as well. HEAD decided to purify the design of the pair to focus on the efficiency and comfort of the shoe. For this, they have incorporated a midsole close to the ground for faster movements on the ground, while the new type of “mesh” material with its fabric offers more breathability and comfort to the pair. Finally, for the shoe to be suitable for the padel court with clay coating, the HEAD team had to offer a sole with rafters specially designed to offer better grip to the ground and thus allow rapid movement on the court.


Technology : For this range of shoes, HEAD used less technology than the pairs that we will see next. However, the pair does not lose its effectiveness in any way. In fact, we find in this shoe the DRIFT DEFENSE technology a protection for the toe and midfoot , the LATERAL CONTROL which makes the shoe more stable with the sole and thus avoid twists. Finally, there is the YBRASION technology a special rubber component that makes the pair more grippy and offers better strength.

REVOLT PRO 3.0 CLAY, the most balanced pair of shoes on a padel court!

It has been designed to give you an optimal combination of reinforcement and stability. In fact, this pair is perfect for baseline players Indeed, thanks to its forefoot protected by a resistant layer of seamless molded PU, its midsole which allows instant comfort as well as its closure strip which keeps your foot in place, you will be equipped as it should be. a shoe adapted to your padel playing style.


Technology : HEAD has implemented several revolutionary technologies in this shoe. For starters, the TRI-NRG is a sole that ensures better performance on the court. Then there is the ENERGY FRAME a lateral and medial stability element in TPU, the DRIFT DEFENSE an optimal protection for the toe and midfoot , the COOLING SYSTEM an optimal 360 ° ventilation of the sole and upper, the LATERAL CONTROL is a stable primer on the side of the outsole to avoid traumatic twists, the HYBRASION + is a special rubber component for better grip and reinforced strength and finally a LOCKDOWN STRAP which is a strap integrated into the system of lacing to keep your foot in place.

Do you want to follow in the footsteps of Sanyo Gutierrez? the SPRINT PRO 3.0 is made for you!

This HEAD model is intended for people wishing to move to a higher level and in particular people looking for speed on the padel court. To ensure this speed, the pair is fitted with a type of “mesh” material to make it an extremely breathable featherweight. This lightness could lead one to believe that comfort is neglected, but on the contrary the footwear construction ensures this ease in the pair. Finally, the pair must keep your foot in place in the event of slips and long exchanges on all surfaces. For this, the shoe is reinforced with delta bands and TPU reinforcement at the heel, to ensure you have even more chance to put the point!



Technology : For this latest shoe HEAD has decided to put a lot of its innovative technologies. Starting with technologies already present on the REVOLT PRO 3.0, the TRI-NRG, the DRIFT DEFENSE, the COOLING SYSTEM, the LATERAL CONTROL and the HYBRASION +. In addition to this, the Austrian brand has added the HEEL STABILIZER 180 ° a clip to allow a better heel adjustment, a SOCK SUPPORT SYSTEM an elastic construction of the shoe for optimal comfort and support for your foot and finally a DELTA STRAP are mid-straps in the shape of a triangle that will be integrated into the lacing for better stability and a personalized fit of the pair.


Here ! The characteristics of the HEAD Padel shoes are no longer a secret to you and you can now choose the pair that will best suit your game and your needs on our website .