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Shoes aims to offer you the best equipment, that's why we offer a wide range of specific padel shoes.

Indeed, after the purchase of your racket, a good pair of shoes adapted to your needs is essential. Shoes for men, for women, low price, high end or your favorite brand of Padel, you will find everything you need on our site!



Good shoes are at least as important, if not more so, than the racket. Padel requires travel that is different from other racket sports such as tennis or badminton for example. Indeed, this sport favors moving back and forth, which differs from other practices and which therefore requires appropriate technology.

Making shoes perfectly adapted to the constraints of Padel is a challenge that many brands meet with success. But why is it so difficult to produce quality shoes? The shoe must fulfill several objectives. Indeed, it must be:


Comfortable padel shoe : to move more easily over the entire surface of the field and thus offer a certain freedom of movement to the player.       

A quality sole : it must adhere to the ground when you start your movements, allow you to slide (on sanded surfaces) when you are at the end of the race and also allow you to turn quickly if necessary.       

A shoe that reduces the risk of injury : for this it must perfectly support the player's foot for each of his movements and also be resistant to limit injuries such as ankle sprains and many others.       

A “stylish” padel shoe: It is obviously important that you like the pair of shoes and are to your liking. We offer quality models, all you have to do is choose the design you prefer!       



Now that we have seen the importance of a pair of padel tennis shoes , we just have to choose the right one, but for that we will have to take into account several criteria:


1. How do I choose the right size ?    


This is arguably the first problem you are going to face. To know which shoe size you need, there are not 36 solutions, either you already know your size or you have the opportunity to try it. However, we have thought about a solution to achieve from your home that will allow you to know the size you need. We offer you a PDF document (put the link on this part of the text), easy to print , at 100% size, which will allow you to easily measure the size of your foot and thus find the ideal shoe size.

Despite this, it is possible that some shoe brands do not quite follow the usual measurements. In this case, do not panic, we will take care to indicate in the description of the article, if this product has specific dimensions.


2. Cushioning: a neglected point but so important    


This is THE personal criterion to take into account when choosing your pair. For all racquet sports, cushioning is located at the heel. There are several more or less different types of cushioning: Gel | Microbead | Power Cushion | Micro-expanded mouse… In Padel, movements are quite violent and physical condition plays a very important role in performance. We therefore advise you to opt for shoes with a fairly thick rear sole and effective cushioning On the other hand, we do not recommend choosing shoes that are too light because they may be damaged more quickly, or even tear due to regular lateral movements.

3. The durability of the shoe    


As we have just mentioned, just before, with the choice of cushioning, it is important to buy a shoe that is durable over time, due to its characteristics and its quality. Padel shoes, like all other types of shoes, are doomed to deteriorate over time; but why not go for a pair that won't break down anytime soon? For this you have to pay attention to one factor, the reinforcements !

Indeed, Padel is a sport that requires many movements and frequent changes of direction, which damages the shoe more quickly. To remedy this, you must therefore check the number of reinforcements present before selecting the shoe that will suit you.

Small tip : to ensure a longer lifespan, you must make sure that they are always dry and that you use them only for the practice of Padel.

4. The price of padel shoes    


After your racket, the shoe is your most important equipment Buying a good pair , which suits you, is therefore essential because it will allow you to avoid many injuries (back pain, sprain, etc.). Our advice: do not hesitate to put the "price" for your pair of shoes. If you want to save money, it is better to do it on an accessory other than your shoes. Obviously, if you only play occasionally or if you choose a pair of shoes for a youngster who will change size 5 months later, there is no point in taking an "expensive" shoe. However, for me, it will never be a bad investment to go for a quality pair of shoes , which will bring you comfort and physical benefits. That is why we strive to offer you shoes Padel discounted and excellent all year on our site ,!



Our shoe catalog is growing!

Inside, you will find the shoes you need with a male category as well as a female category We also work with 3 brands of Padel, quality, level shoes such as shoes BABOLAT the Bullpadel shoes and HEAD shoes .

On our site, you will find each of these promotional items , even the new ones!

In addition, stay active because our project is to offer a range of Junior shoes , as well as to increase the number of products and brands available for Padel shoes, to offer you even more choices and allow you to find shoes at your foot!




After 2 years of development research, the NOX brand has decided to launch new innovative shoes, 100% Padel We decided to tell you a little more about it because we will soon welcome their padel tennis shoes on our site !

First of all, NOX has chosen to work around 2 objectives: to optimize the performance of padel players and to minimize the risk of injury .

For this, they have employed the great means, an efficient and professional development service, with the best specialists in sports podology and sports biomechanics. Indeed, to make the new padel shoes, they worked with the high performance sports center of Sant Cugat (Spain) and their consultant Marta Rueda , as well as with a hundred elite athletes These various studies led to the realization that the pair of shoes could be the cause of sprains and metatarsalgia problems. NOX decided to find a solution, using a new innovation.


              Revolutionizing the “drop” of the shoe ”

The brand has therefore chosen to rework the “drop” of their shoe, ie the difference in height between the area where the heel rests and the area where the forefoot rests. The goal of readjusting the “drop” is that the player has a center of gravity which will start from a comfortable point on the foot and thus move forward more easily This choice of “drop” is very important for your feet, your padel practice and of course to reduce your risk of injury.




Choosing the shoe that suits you is good, but choosing the shoe that suits you and being able to be associated with your idol is better!

For that, how not to start with our new muse LÉA GODALLIER. Our athletic partner is currently playing with NOX AT10 shoes. Just like, the world number 7, Augustin TAPIA, he remains loyal to his sponsor and currently plays with the new NOX padel shoes, more precisely the NOX AT10. This new range of shoes is 100% intended for the practice of padel and it presents superior results compared to other manufacturers of padel shoes. It is composed of an outsole that allows a perfect grip, an ortholite sole for superb comfort, EVA cushioning for ideal energy return, support zones and reinforcements to prevent injuries and so increase the durability of the pair.


Finally, for our fans of Sanyo GUTIERREZ, you should know that he has a pair of shoes in his name. Indeed, it is in partnership with HEAD and for 2021 it will wear the new “Sprint 3.0 Sanyo”, during the World Padel Tour. The shoe will be available in 2 colors and it is described as the lightest shoe designed by the Austrian brand HEAD.