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Starvie Padel Racket

The Star Vie version of Padel: very high quality rackets

On Padel Reference, find all the rackets of the Star Vie brandOne of the most recognized brands in the world for its exceptional padel rackets. Each year, the Stravie collection is awaited by many fans of the brand. The quality is top of the range, the finishes are perfect and the rackets are perfectly designed to give players the best possible result on the field.

The best models of the brand at low prices, for your greatest pleasure are on Padel Reference. Don't worry about anything. The prices are the best on the internet and the delivery is fast and secure. We take care of everything to deliver your padel rackets in the best conditions.

All you have to do is choose the racket model that best suits your game.

If you are on this page, it is because you already have a good knowledge of Padel equipment and that you have taste!

Padel rackets “made in Spain”

Star Vie is a demanding brand that does not compromise on quality. It is one of the rare Padel brands that has all of its Padel rackets manufactured in Spain. 

The brand relies on quality and local production for each of its rackets. The magic happens in its Azuqueca de Henares factory, near Guadalajara. The design, tests and production are carried out with care, precision and finesse to the delight of padel players, fans of the brand. 

Thanks to its quality, the Spanish brand Star Vie has made a name for itself in the world Paddle Tennis market. Don't wait any longer to discover one of the best brands of padel rackets in the world.

StarVie rackets for players of all skill levels

The Star Vie racket collection is aimed at all types of players. From novice padel player to expert player, StarVie rackets will help you climb the stairs to become the champion who sleeps in you.

Likewise, the Padel Starvie racket models cover all types of games. You are looking for power, opt for a pro model, you prefer to focus on comfort, opt for a classic model with softer foam.

Do not hesitate to consult us on the different models of the brand. Personally, we particularly like how each racquet feels. With starvie, you have pleasant and manoeuvrable racquets that do not neglect performance.

The Star Vie Arcadia 2021: a first quality racket

To start padel in the best conditions, you can opt for the Star Vie Arcadia 2021 model. The StarVie Arcadia padel racket will provide you with all the comfort and precision you need to make the most of your first games and your first games. points.

The fiberglass surface and round shape of the racquet make it a perfect racquet for your beginners. It will allow you to concentrate on the other aspects of the game to progress quickly. Beginner player, this racquet is for you.

The Aquila Space range for Versatile players

Each year the Padel Aquila range of rackets is a real success. This year, the Aquila Space are in the spotlight. These versatile racquets are popular with intermediate and advanced players. Their teardrop shape with intermediate balance will give you control and power for excellent performance on the padel court.

If you are looking for more playing comfort, choose the Aquila Space 2021Are you looking for firmness and explosive power that makes the most of your punch? Want to send par 3s all over the place? Enjoy the qualities of the Star Vie Aquila Space Pro 2021 .

More control with padel rackets Titania Kepler

The Titania Kepler range is perfect for players looking for more control over the defensive phases. This round shaped racquet model is made with the best materials for incredible durability and great feel. Its round shape and low balance make it a very good racquet for players seeking precision. However, the Pro version will give you good power in the offensive phases.

You want to confirm your progress on the court. Do not hesitate to offer yourself this solid, pleasant and stylish range.

The Kraken Pro, a new mold for new sensations

Here is the great novelty of the Star Vie 2021 collection! The Starvie Kraken 2021 is a racket for experienced and expert players. To take it in hand properly, it requires good technical basics. Its specificity comes from the profile of its 26mm frame.

This design offers exceptional maneuverability in both defensive and offensive phases. From baseline to volley, enjoy the liveliness of this unique racquet.

If you choose this racket you will benefit from advanced technologies:

The ”Extra Sweet spot is an enlarged ideal strike zone for more control and pleasant playing sensations.

Tubular bicarbon for better resistance and durability of the racquet thanks to a reinforcement in the frame of the racquet.

The 2021 Metheora Warrior and the Raptor: Star rackets from the Star vie collection

It is difficult to miss the Raptor 2021 padel racket. It is Franco Spupaczuk who puts it forward ... and in what way. An offensive and twirling player, he takes advantage of all the power and control of this exceptional racquet to place himself among the best players in the world.

The Metheora Warrior 2021 is dedicated to Mati Diaz alias “El Warrior”. Feel the same sensations as Mati and get this extraordinary racket. Round in shape, it is a versatile pala. Made of carbon fiber, this racket from the premium range will amaze you with its strength, durability and ability to absorb shocks. Do not hesitate any longer, it is made for you.

Ever more efficient technologies for high-end rackets

The Padel Starvie rackets are the result of long experience in the field but also of an incredible innovation effort. The Starvie 2021 collection is no exception to this rule.

Aluminum Tubular System: on the Starvie Dronos Galaxy racket, an Aluminum tube is integrated into the heart of the racket to provide more rigidity and stability in each stroke.

Star Balance: the brand has developed Star Balance technology for the Star Vie Metheora Warrio, Basalto Osiris and Dronos Galaxy racquets. Incorporated in the rackets, this technology gives a perfect balance for a better performance on the padel court.

What are the differences between the classic versions and the pro versions?

What is the difference between a Padel Starvie racket and a Padel Starvie Pro racket? Once you have determined the model, how do you choose between a Pro or a softer racquet?

For many years Starvie has been offering several of its models in classic or pro versions. In 2021, the Aquila Space, Triton and Titania Kepler are accompanied by their twin sister.

For the pro version, it is the medium density rubber that makes the difference: the foam is more rigid, so the racquet is slightly less flexible. The raw power will be higher in the pro

For the classic version, the rubber used is an Eva blanda or flexible Eva foam. You will feel more comfort on each hit of the ball.

The Space analogy on all Starvie rackets

As you have noticed, Starvie takes us to the stars with its 2021 collection. It feels like a Space Mountain wagon with names straight out of an astronomy class.

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