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Varlion Racket Padel

Padel Varlion rackets: Design & Quality

Any self-respecting Padel fan player knows, at least by name, the Varlion brand. It is through quality and design that Varlion sets itself apart from other brands in this booming sport. With Varlion, opt for a pure Padel brand, which will accompany you to the top. Choose this extremely famous brand among experienced and professional players and get a step ahead of your opponents.


Varlion will amaze you with its taste with sober, classy and visual collections. Equip yourself from head to toe and expand your padel equipment with the Varlion brand. Start by choosing one of the Padel Varlion rackets (the quality of which is indisputable. Then, let yourself be tempted by a whole range of padel equipment to improve your playing comfort.

Do not hesitate to ask us for advice or consult our catalog descriptions directly on the Padel Reference site to discover the best of Padel.

The main rackets of the Varlion Padel 2021 collection

The Summum range for experienced and professional players 

“Wow” is the effect that the two Summum 2021 rackets have on us. A sober and elegant design, quality materials, a real identity and innovations that make the difference in the world of Padel. In short, real champion racquets for experienced and professional players Padel rackets that we find in the possession of many players of the World Padel Tour. 


These two top-of-the-range racquets for advanced players are at the heart of the brand's attention, starting with the shape of the racquet. Both are firstly the result of the fusion of two legendary rackets, then of all the experience and innovation of the Varlion brand.


In addition to the contribution of Varlion's experience in the design of these two rackets, the Padel Bourne summum Prisma and Maxima Summum Prisma rackets offer unique technologies that make the difference on the padel court. An injected adhesive protector is even integrated into the frame of the racket to perfectly protect your “shovel” from impacts with the glass.

The Prisma frame gives you strength and maneuverability

The Prisma technology in the framework of these two padel rackets has two significant advantages: a form of prism that reduces impacts and improves aerodynamics. This is also the promise of this new mold.

Varlion amazes with this unique frame which reduces the point of impact between the glass and the racket by 90%.

In addition, this innovative shape improves the speed of execution of shots by 10% thanks to its aerodynamics.

Summum, innovation for better comfort and more tolerance

Another main innovation of the top of the range from Varlion, Summum technology is materialized by the combination of two specificities.


● The grip is longer than the majority of padel rackets which allows better racket grip, especially for players who frequently use both hands backhand.      

● Varlion innovates by creating a wider drilling plane which includes a greater number of holes on the surface (76). This technique generates a larger hitting surface and sweet spot.      


Summum technology therefore provides enormous playing comfort.


In terms of innovation, we can see that Varlion is not afraid to take risks. It pays off and the Padel brand is placed among the most active in terms of new manufacturing processes in the world.


The Padel racket Varlion Maxima Summum Prisma is a round hybrid racket, which will bring you control and maneuverability in the greatest possible comfort.

The Padel racket Varlion Bourne Summum Prisma is a teardrop and will bring you more balance in the game with the possibility of delivering a few lethal punches without losing control over the defensive phases.


One thing is certain if you start playing with these exceptional padel rackets, you will not be able to go back.

Padel Lethal Weapon rackets: a series that spans the ages

Given the lifespan of this series of padel rackets, one suspects that you will make one of your privileged purchases and you will not be wrong.


This year the range returns with the arrival of the LW Carbon 7 and the LW Carbon 7 C Pansy.

Two top-of-the-range rackets with exceptional durability thanks to the use of resistant materials such as carbon. The Hexaforce technology used on the racket bridge as well as the Hexagonal frame provide more rigidity and resistance for a longer life.


These round padel rackets with carbon surface and hypersoft eva foam combine three essential padel elements: comfort, maneuverability and ball control. To not spoil the final result, the 12k carbon fabric on the surface of the racket allows you to perform on attack shots as soon as you have the opportunity.

Focus on two legendary models: The Padel Avant Carbon and Canon Pro rackets

These two attack models for experienced players and professional players will delight fans of smash kicked and scratch volleys. The Avant Carbon and Canon Pro models will surprise you with their power and control at net.


Teardrop-shaped, the Avant Carbon padel racket is powerful and manoeuvrable with a lot of work done on aerodynamics and maneuverability for more ease on the padel court.


The Canon pro is incredibly powerful with an assumed weight and a diamond shape. It is a racket for aggressive padel players on the fly and in smash.

Two versions of padel rackets depending on the temperature. Yes yes, you understood correctly!

The 2018/2019 season marks the arrival of a breakthrough innovation at Varlion and in the world of Padel. The Padel brand imposes its style even more and shows its capacity for innovation.

The idea is simple and starts from the observation that a padel racket does not respond in the same way under different temperature conditions. The sensations in winter or in summer can change and disturb the quality and performance of the game of some padel players. Indeed, the control and the power of the rackets can vary according to the variations of temperature.


To avoid this problem, Varlion creates a version of the high-end padel racket models for a practice with temperatures below 25 ° C and a practice for temperatures above 25 ° C.

This innovation is adapted to the Summum and Super Pro ranges and we can distinguish the two versions by a blue thermometer or a red thermometer on the profile of the racket.

Ecology at the heart of the Padel de Varlion project

For many years, concern for the respect of the environment has been ticked on the dashboard of the Padel brand. Since 2015, Varlion has been working concretely in the direction of ecology. The brand is committed and is constantly looking for alternatives to reconcile the manufacture of padel equipment and the reduction of its impact on the environment. With a view to sustainable development, Varlion reduces the use of paint, solvents or stickers on its rackets by up to 80%. The “camouflage” is reduced and the padel racket is shown as is. This does not prevent the brand from offering us incredibly classy visuals on each of its padel rackets. In addition, it slightly reduces the weight of the racket. Start Paddle tennis with a committed and qualitative brand and opt for a Padel racket from the Varlion brand.

Treat yourself to a Padel Varlion brand product and stand out!

One thing is certain, with Varlion you will not go unnoticed. If you let yourself be tempted by the many strengths of the brand, you will not be disappointed with your purchase Both in quality and in design, you will be a satisfied customer This is exactly how Varlion Padel is developing against other more influential brands.

Change status and become a pure Padel player with this specific brand. 

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