Varlion Bourne Hexagon 8.8 Rackets
Varlion Bourne Hexagon 8.8 Rackets
Varlion Bourne Hexagon 8.8 Rackets
Varlion Bourne Hexagon 8.8 Rackets
Varlion Bourne Hexagon 8.8 Rackets
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Varlion Bourne Hexagon 8.8 Rackets

A mid-level Varlion padel with a teardrop shape that offers a good balance of control and power, but with an extra point of power. Ideal for players who like a soft padel racket.


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This Varlion racquet features a bi-directional fiberglass and carbon fiber tube, reinforced with a carbon fiber frame in the core.

Its core is made of 38mm low hardness Hypersoft Eva and is laminated with 3 layers of regular fiberglass cloth, impregnated with Varlion's exclusive VAR-FLEX epoxy resin for maximum elasticity and strength, and coated with a layer of titanium dioxide.

Aerodynamic drilling is the new drilling system that offers greater strength in the core and greater consistency in the hits, thanks to a wider sweet spot.

Bourne and the Hexagon frame are trademarks and utility and industrial designs registered with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, and are therefore the exclusive property and use of Varlion.

What is the ideal player for the Varlion Bourne Hexagon 8.8

The Varlion Bourne Hexagon 8.8 paddle has been developed for beginner to intermediate paddle players who are looking for control in their game. It will appeal to beginners looking to improve their game. Are you looking for a light and maneuverable racquet that will allow you to hit the ball with comfort? Then look no further. Enjoy the combination of maneuverability and comfort to improve your performance on the court with this high quality racquet.

Varlion Bourne Hexagon 8.8 Racquet Design

The Varlion Bourne Hexagon 8.8 is grey and orange. The grey colour evokes the simplicity and elegance of the brand. The orange is a warm colour, which is very present in the padel scene.

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