ML10 Pro Cup Rough Surface Racket - Padel Reference
ML10 Pro Cup Rough Surface Racket - Padel Reference
ML10 Pro Cup Rough Surface Racket - Padel Reference
ML10 Pro Cup Rough Surface Racket - Padel Reference
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  • -€80.05

ML10 Pro Cup Rough Surface Racket

The ML10 Pro Cup Rough Surface racket has the same characteristics as the legendary ML10 Pro Cup, the only nuance is its rough touch on the surface. It is round in shape with a lighter than average weight. Take advantage of a renowned racquet that has proven itself for many years to progress and achieve your goals!

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Its surface is composed of a layer of fiberglass and a second layer made of a metallic finish, which brings more explosiveness during attack shots.

The rough finish of the pala is made of silica sand which provides greater spin and a better feel with each strike of the ball.

The ML10 Pro Cup Rough Surface stands out with its unparalleled comfort, great power and durability thanks to the rigidity of its carbon frame.

The core of the Nox racket is composed of HR3 core technology, it is a memory foam which accelerates its recovery of form, giving the racket greater punching power as well as unparalleled maneuverability. You will be able to make the most of this high-end padel racket.

The big novelty this year at Nox comes from the replaceable Smartstrap strap system integrated into the ML10 Pro Cup Rough Surface racquet. It improves hygiene and safety without losing the warranty of the racket.

Thanks to Dynamic Composit Structure technology, the racquet is much less fragile and therefore more durable over time.

In addition, it has the “Testea Padel” certification which confirms the durability and quality of the racket. Indeed the racket has passed a series of laboratory tests to be sure that the frame, the faces and the frame are resistant.


Who is the ideal player for the ML10 Pro Cup Rough Surface 2023?

The padel racket is suitable for players of intermediate or even professional level. It is designed for players who want a lot of control on the court. It is a racquet that has power despite its round shape. The dynamism of this padel racket allows counter players to play quickly to surprise their opponent.


Nox ML10 Pro Cup Rough Surface racket design

Let yourself be seduced by the design of the ML10 Pro Cup rough surface Edition racquet. It is black and red. Black is the dominant color on the racquet, we find once again the X of Nox in red colour located in the middle of the racquet. This more masculine design appeals to a large audience and breaks the codes of the famous Nox ML10 Pro Cup.


Nox: The 100% Spanish padel brand

The Spanish brand is recognized around the world. It is popular above all for the very high quality of its products. Rackets are suitable for all player profiles. Nox managed to pull out of the game thanks to the sensations of playability and maneuverability which are very popular with many players.

Foam/core composition

The HR3 CORE technology gives the EVA rubber a very good density and shape memory quality. With the HR3 CORE technology, the ML10 PRO CUP racquet provides optimal power and durability.

Surface coating

The ML10 PRO CUP Black Rough Surface Edit racquet has a surface coating using 3K fiber glass silver technology. This fiberglass fabric provides better overall power. The special feature of this racket is the rough surface coating which provides more spin on the shots.

Important characteristics

Level: Intermediate/Advanced/Expert

Weight: 360-375g

Width: 38mm

Frame: 100% Carbon


Shape: Round

Surface coating: 3K silver fiberglass

Data sheet

Intermediate / Advanced







Rough / Sandy