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Padel racket HEAD Graphene 360+ Alpha Motion 2021
Padel racket HEAD Graphene 360+ Alpha Motion 2021
Padel racket HEAD Graphene 360+ Alpha Motion 2021
Padel racket HEAD Graphene 360+ Alpha Motion 2021

Racket HEAD Graphene 360+ Alpha Motion


Your padel racket 

The HEAD Graphene 360+ Alpha Motion is a top padel racket! In the form of a drop of water, it offers an intermediate balance. Its weight of 365g makes it a relatively light and extremely manoeuvrable racket. This New Version 2022 promises optimal control and maneuverability that allows you to chain shots while maintaining a very good degree of precision. This is the racket that Ariana Sanchez has chosen to take her to the top during this year 2021.

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Who is the ideal player for this racket?

The Head Graphene 360+ Alpha Motion padel racket is a continuation. It is a mixed racket perfectly suited to a confirmed player who is looking for a finer game and less unforced errors. However, "Power foam" will bring you punch when you want to speed up the game. We recommend it!

The Coach's Eye 

With the Graphene 360+ Alpha Motion, you get a very comfortable and maneuverable padel. I was particularly impressed with the comfortable feel and forgiveness on off-center hits.

A versatile and mixed racket with medium balance and weight, this one is perfect for the vast majority of players and styles of play. I recommend this one with my eyes closed.

Foam / core composition

The extremely soft "power foam" is the guarantee of a considerable gain in power. Bring speed to your game with Head's fastest foam.

Surface coating

Graphene 360 ​​technology is the new adaptation of the graphene material on the Graphene 360 ​​series racquets. It is placed methodically in the frame and on the racquet surfaces to optimize the performance of the material. Derived from carbon, graphene provides maximum stability and optimizes the transfer of energy from the blade to the bullet.

Additional technologies

Smart Bridge technology has been developed to allow the racket to adapt to the user's playing style. The anti-shock system is an additional protection to minimize the consequences over time of shocks and limit scratches. The ideal hitting zone is optimized thanks to "Optimized Sweet Spot" technology for a good adaptation of the racket to its player.

Excellence range

The Excellence range brings together the best of Head brand padel technology. It is intended for the most demanding players who are looking for an optimal quality of play and the services that professionals need.

Important features

Level: Expert / Advanced

Weight: 365g

Width: 38mm

Frame: Graphene

Foam: Power Foam

Shape: Water drop

Surface coating: Graphene

Product Details

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Surface material
Carbon fiber
Type of racket